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Similes Referring to Animals

Created by flem-ish

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Similes Referring to Animals game quiz
"English traditionally links certain qualities with specific animals. However busy a cow may be grazing in the meadows, it's the bee which we have chosen to call 'busy'. See if you have still in mind all those traditional similes."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. How cross can we be ?
    As a bull
    As a bear
    As a porcupine
    As an elephant

2. How sly do we try to be ?
    As an eel
    As a hare
    As a fox
    As a cat

3. If a person doesn't diet in time he or she might get as fat as a ___ .
    Lazy dachshund

4. High up in the sky in a balloon, you might feel as free as a ____.
    A cricket
    A ladybird
    A bird
    A wallaby

5. A person whose eyesight is extremely weak, might be called as blind as a ____.

6. How strong can you be?
    As an elephant
    As a wolf
    As a gorilla
    As an ox

7. A certain type of stupidity makes you as silly as _____ ?
    A squirrel
    A brown trout
    A zebra
    A goose

8. When you are poor, you may be as poor as ____?
    A wren
    A crow
    A sparrow
    A churchmouse

9. Pride makes you as proud as _______?
    An owl
    A peacock
    A parrot
    A buffalo

10. When you feel really snug you may feel as snug as ____?
    A bug in a rug
    An eel in mud
    A lamb in a wool carpet
    A dog in his basket

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Compiled Jan 09 13