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Random Pirates

Created by Abbey42

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Pittsburgh Pirates
Random Pirates game quiz
"This is a pretty tough quiz with a few random questions on the Pittsburgh Pirates."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Who hit the first home run in Pirates history?
    Hal Smith
    Abner Dalrymple
    Fred Carroll
    Harold Arlin

2. On what date did the first home run in Pirates history occur?
    May 2nd, 1882
    June 2nd, 1882
    April 2nd, 1887
    May 2nd, 1887

3. Who was the first batter in Pirates history?
    Abner Dalrymple
    Allan Anderson
    Fred Carroll
    Jim Abbott

4. What did the first batter in Pirates history do?
    Strike Out

5. Who scored the first run in Pirates history?
    Fred Clarke
    Abner Darlymple
    Honus Wagner
    Fred Carroll

6. In which League did the Pirates first play?
    National Association
    National League
    American League
    American Association

7. In what year did the original Pirates start?

8. What date was Roberto Clemente's first game?
    April 17th, 1955
    April 19th, 1955
    April 18th, 1955
    April 20th, 1955

9. What was the date of Roberto Clemente's last game?
    October 12th, 1971
    October 3rd, 1972
    October 13th, 1973
    October 4th, 1972

10. What pitcher won game 7 of the 1960 World Series?
    Nicholas Maddox
    Elroy Face
    Harvey Haddix
    Bob Friend

11. Who did the Pirates play in the first ever spring training game in Florida?
    Philadelphia Phillies
    Chicago Colts
    Cleveland Spiders
    Louisville Eclipse

12. Where was the first ever spring training game (in Florida) played?
    Lincoln Park
    Ponce de Leon Park
    El Salvador Park
    Abner Doubleday Park

13. Who won the first ever spring training game in Florida?
    Answer: (Two words, or just one word!)

14. The first ever spring training game in Florida was held on what date?
    April 23rd, 1891
    April 2nd, 1891
    March 31st, 1891
    April 4th, 1891

15. Who was the winning pitcher of the first ever spring training game played in Florida?
    Miller Huggins
    Nicholas Maddox
    Cy Young
    Elroy Face

16. Who tossed the first Pirates no hitter ever?
    Miller Huggins
    Hounus Wagner
    Nicholas Maddox
    Cy Young

17. On what date did the first no-hitter in Pirates history occur?
    August 3rd, 1904
    September 21st, 1905
    September 20th, 1907
    September 3rd, 1906

18. How many years after the first no-hitter, was the second no-hitter in Pirates history thrown?

19. Who was the broadcaster on August 5th, 1921?
    Bob Prince
    Bob Walk
    Rosey Roswell
    Harold Arlin

20. What was so special about the broadcast of August 5th, 1921?
    It was the first baseball broadcast on radio ever
    The Pirates were on the way to the World Series
    It was the first baseball broadcat on t.v. ever
    the Phillies were on thier way to a 10 game winning streak

21. What was Elroy Face's winning percentage in 1959?

22. Who hit the 8th inning home run in Game 7 of the 1960 World Series for the Pirates, that wiped out a 7-4 deficit?
    Hal Smith
    Elroy Face
    Bill Mazeroski
    Roberto Clemente

23. Who was Yellowhorse?
    starting pitcher
    relief pitcher

24. Which one of these Pirates hit the most home runs in a given World Series?
    Roberto Clemente
    Dave Parker
    Ralph Kiner
    Willie Stargell

25. Where was Honus Wagner (the Flying Dutchman) born?
    Answer: (One Word)

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