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'Neighbours': What They Did Next

Created by Roslyn

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Neighbours What They Did Next game quiz
"Kylie Minogue, Guy Pearce, Natalie Imbruglia and and many more. They got their breaks in 'Neighbours' but where did they go from there?"

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1. What was the FIRST film that Kylie Minogue made after 'Neighbours'?
    'Street Fighter'
    'The Delinquents'
    'Sample People'

2. Which cover track from her first movie did Kylie release?
    'Tears on my Pillow'
    'I should be so Lucky'
    'Blue Moon'

3. What was the name of Craig McLachlan's ('Henry Ramsay') first hit single?

4. Holly Valance played Flick Scully in "Neighbours", from 1999 to 2002. What was the name of her debut single?
    Answer: (Two Words - the same word twice)

5. Jason Donovan played 'Scott Robinson' on 'Neighbours'. Not long after he left, he played 'Happy Huston' in a World War II TV drama. What was the name of this TV programme?
    "The Sullivans"
    'Saving Private Ryan'
    "Tour of Duty"
    'The Heroes'

6. What was the name of the first single Jason Donovan released?
    'Time Warp'
    'Nothing Can Divide Us'
    'Any Dream Will Do'
    'Especially For You'

7. In which of the following films did Guy Pearce first appear?
    'The Count of Monte Cristo'
    'Priscilla Queen of the Desert'
    'LA Confidential'

8. Natalie Imbruglia is far better known for her music than her role in 'Neighbours', but whom did she play?
    'Beth Brennan'
    'Melissa Jarrett'
    'Nikki Dennison'
    'Sue Parker'

9. Which former "Neighbours" actor has had a successful career in US TV dramas playing characters like South African 'Al Patterson' in "ER", "Caleb Nichol" in "The O.C.", and "Vice President Jim Prescott" in "24"?
    Alan Dale
    Kevin Harrington
    Guy Pearce
    Ian Rawlings

10. Stefan Dennis, who played workaholic 'Paul Robinson', released two singles. What was the name of his first single?
    'Too Many Broken Hearts'
    'Don't It Make You Feel Good'
    'I Should Be So Lucky?'

11. Kimberley Davies, who was 'Annalise Hartman' on 'Neighbours', played 'Angela Prune', a character who had had a lot of plastic surgery, on which US series?
    'Ally McBeal'

12. Sarah Vandenbergh played 'Lauren Carpenter', Lou's eldest daughter on 'Neighbours'. On which UK soap did she appear?
    'Coronation Street'

13. Which of the following 'Neighbours' actors went on to present 'The Big Breakfast' in the UK?
    Sarah Vandenbergh
    Kristian Schmid
    Peter O'Brien
    Mark Little

14. Which former 'Neighbours' actress can be seen in the film 'Moulin Rouge'?
    Answer: (Two Words - think absinthe)

15. Apart from Guy Pearce, which 'LA Confidential' actor was formerly in 'Neighbours'?
    Danny DeVito
    Kevin Spacey
    Russell Crowe
    James Cromwell

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Compiled Jun 28 12