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The 1977 Texas Rangers

Created by BaronTR

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The 1977 Texas Rangers game quiz
"Before the Rangers finally made the playoffs in 1996, the season that was both their best and strangest was 1977. Return with us now to those thrilling days of 'How many managers did they have?' and 'He punched out who?'."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. It all started in spring training. The Rangers handed the 2nd baseman position to rookie Bump Wills (son of major leaguer Maury Wills) even before camp opened, and the player he replaced responded by punching out manager Frank Lucchesi midway through camp. Who was the player?
    Answer: (Two words, or just surname)

2. In the midst of a so-so start, the Rangers had a few highlights. Which player was the first player in team history to hit 3 home runs in one game on May 15th?
    Toby Harrah
    Juan Beniquez
    Bert Campaneris
    Willie Horton

3. When Frank Lucchesi was fired on June 22nd, it led to the infamous 4 managers in a week mess. The Rangers hired Eddie Stanky as their new manager. He managed 1 game, which they won, then quit the next morning. Connie Ryan managed 6 games as an interim manager, then Billy Hunter came in for the rest of the year. What team did Texas beat for Stanky's only win as manager?
    White Sox

4. The Rangers turned their 1st triple play in team history on August 8th. Which opposing player hit into the 5-4-3 triple play.
    Jim Rice
    Jerry Remy
    Amos Otis
    Manny Sanguillen

5. On August 27th, 2 Ranger batters hit inside the park home runs. Which of the following facts is false?
    It was at Fenway Park
    They were on consecutive pitches
    Harrah and Wills were the batters
    Ken Clay was the pitcher

6. Which pitcher threw a no-hitter on September 22nd against the Angels?
    Bert Blyleven
    Dock Ellis
    Gaylord Perry
    Doyle Alexander

7. Which pitcher never got double digit saves in any other season, but picked up 15 saves in 1977?
    Paul Linblad
    Len Barker
    Adrian Devine
    Roger Moret

8. Who hit 18 home runs for the Rangers while in the leadoff role for much of the 1977 season, and siubsequently became a major league manager?
    Answer: (Two words, or just surname ... The Human Rain Delay)

9. What player better known for defense had his career high in batting average in 1977?
    Claudell Washington
    Jim Sundberg
    Dave May
    Juan Beniquez

10. How many games did Texas win in 1977?

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