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The Importance of Trees

Created by Dreamweave

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Angiosperms and Gymnosperms
The Importance of Trees game quiz
"The following questions on Trees covers, broadly, how they live, their importance to our Environment and some interesting facts."

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1. Trees may help reduce the effects of global warming by:
    increasing oxygen concentration in the atmosphere
    losing their leaves in Winter
    providing shade from UV rays
    reducing carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere

2. What two main substances do trees need to live?
    trees only need sunlight
    trees absorb oxygen and water
    trees absorb carbon dioxide and water
    trees absorb nutrients and water from the soil

3. The amount of carbon dioxide a tree may remove from the atmosphere to gain one pound is:
    about 3 pounds
    about 0.5 pounds
    about 1.5 pounds
    about 10 pounds

4. What is one of the byproducts of photosynthesis?

5. The water vapor given off by a tree becomes a critical part of Earth's ______________.
    hydrogen cycle
    cloud cycle
    carbolic cycle
    hydrologic cycle

6. What element is used from the absorbed water to make the chemical energy for a tree?
    carbon dioxide

7. Trees are sometimes called ...?
    the stomach of the world
    the lungs of the world
    the shady part of the world
    the harvest of the world

8. Approximately how much of the original forests have disappeared?
    one third
    three quarters

9. The oldest living organism in North America happens to be a rugged tree. This tree is the?
    Bristlecone Pine.
    Gingko Biloba
    Douglas Fir
    Giant Redwood

10. What is the science of dating through tree-ring growth called?

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