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Kit Kat Kwiz

Created by lefois

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Kit Kat Kwiz game quiz
"Kit Kat is beloved by young and old around the world. But what else do you know about one of the world's most popular 'break time' treats?"

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1. In 1911, the 'Kit Kat' name was first registered by the Rowntree Company in Britain. Though no one is certain of the origins of this name, it is believed
    The name was inspired by an 18th Century literary club.
    Mr. Rowntree's 'favourite' cherub of a granddaughter, Katherine, had the nickname 'Kit Kat'.
    It was inspired by the senior Mr. Rowntree's love of felines.
    'Kit Kat' was, quite simply, short and sweet and smart, and thought to appeal to the masses of the e

2. Becoming Rowntree's leading seller in 1935, Kit Kat was then marketed as
    Rowntree' Chocolate Fingers
    Rowntree's Chocolate Crisp
    Rowntree's Chocolate Snaps
    Rowntree's Praline Biscuits

3. The name was changed to Kit Chocolate Crisp in 1937. The 'Kat' part of the name did not make an appearance until the

4. In 1986, Kit Kat became the top selling confection in the UK. The familiar red and white label has remained basically unaltered since it's conception. True or False?
    Answer: (One Word)

5. 'Kitty the Kat' was the star of advertisements in the 1950's. The slogan of this campaign was
    'Sweet Snap of Satisfaction'
    'Freshness With Every Snap'
    'Rich Full Cream Milk'
    'Purr-fect Milk Chocolate Break'

6. Kit Kat stats:
    The York, England manufacturing plant can outstack the Eiffel Tower every 5 minutes with Kit Kats.
    Kit Kat sales in Russia have progressed from 0 to 13 million in the last 2 years.
    418 Kit Kat fingers are consumed world-wide every second of the day.
    All of these

7. The traditional 'strip and foil' pack has remained virtually unchanged since 1935. True or False?
    Answer: (One Word)

8. At the York, England, production facility, Kit Kats are turned out to the tune of
    1300 per minute
    1500 per hour
    500 per minute
    none of these

9. The wafer squares are a very important part of the Kit Kat experience. Cooking time for the wafer is?
    2 minutes
    90 seconds
    3 seconds
    5 minutes

10. In 1973, the cream and red wrapper was replaced by the catchy and familiar red and bright white wrapper. The only other changes to the presentation were in 1993, at which time
    All of these.
    The typeface was updated.
    Nestle' replaced Rowntree.
    The 'oval' shape was altered.

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