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Detroit Tigers [2]

Created by doctor_trivia

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Detroit Tigers 2 game quiz
"OK-So you weren't scared off by the first edition of Detroit Tigers Tough Trivia. Let's see if you can remember these events in Tiger history. Good luck."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. I once played an entire season without grounding into a doubleplay. Who am I?
    Dick McAuliffe
    Mickey Stanley
    Gates Brown
    Aurelio Rodriguez

2. My career spanned the decades of the 50's, 60's and the 70's. I twice led the league in homeruns. I finished my career as a Tiger in 1973. Who am I?
    Norm Cash
    Eddie Matthews
    Frank Howard
    Al Kaline

3. One member of the Tiger's ground crew used to entertain the crowd by dancing around the bases while he swept the infield. What was his first name?

4. In 1984, the Tigers opened the season by going 35-5. One of the key games that helped propel the club was against the Kansas City Royals. Trailing by three runs late in the game, this Tiger hit a grandslam off Royals relief ace Dan Quisenberry to cap the comeback. Who was it?
    Lance Parrish
    Chet Lemon
    Kirk Gibson
    Alan Trammell

5. In 1968, this Chicago White Sox pitcher's shoulder was injured in a bench-clearing brawl that started after he brushed back Tiger batter Dick McAuliffe. Who was this southpaw?
    Answer: (He ended up with 288 career wins in a 26-year career.)

6. In 1987, the Tigers and the Toronto Blue Jays battled to the last day of the season to determine the Eastern Division Championship. Name the Tiger pitcher who threw the 1-0 shutout to clinch the title and the Tiger batter whose homerun provided the margin of victory.
    Doyle Alexander & Larry Herndon
    Doyle Alexander & Kirk Gibson
    Frank Tanana & Larry Herndon
    Frank Tanana & Kirk Gibson

7. The 1975 Tigers had a terrible losing streak at one point during the season. How many consecutive contests did they lose?
    Answer: (It's a prime number.)

8. In 1972, this Tiger shocked a live television audience by blurting out a couple of choice four-letter words during a lockerroom celebration interview. Who did it?
    Woody Fryman
    Eddie Brinkman
    Gates Brown
    Norm Cash

9. The Tigers played the first-ever game in the new Comiskey Park. What was the final score of that game and who won?
    White Sox 2 - Tigers 1
    White Sox 16 - Tigers 0
    Tigers 2 - White Sox 1
    Tigers 16 - White Sox 0

10. Who was Mark the Bird Fidrych's personal catcher?
    Answer: (Anagram: MBUMIKCER (2 words))

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Compiled Jun 28 12