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The Declaration of Independence

Created by bullymom

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The Declaration of Independence game quiz
"The anniversary of the signing of the American Declaration of Independence is July 4. Celebrate it by taking this quiz!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Which of these men was NOT among those appointed to draft the Declaration of Independence?
    George Washington
    Benjamin Franklin
    John Adams
    Roger Sherman

2. The committee presented its draft before the Congress on June 28, 1776. On July 1, a vote was taken, and all but two states approved the Declaration. Which two voted no?
    North Carolina and Maryland
    Georgia and Connecticut
    Pennsylvania and South Carolina
    New Jersey and New York

3. Copies of the Declaration were signed by John Hancock, President of the Congress, and this man, its secretary.
    Charles Thompson
    Richard Henry Lee
    John Adams
    Charles Carroll

4. What is the first word of the Declaration?

5. Why was Thomas Jefferson chosen for the actual fomrmulating of the draft of the Declaration of Independence?
    He was the best writer
    He was from Virginia
    He was respected by King George III
    He had the most time to devote to it

6. Of all the colonies, which state had the most signatories?
    New York

7. True or false: All of the signatories signed the Declaration at the same time.

8. Where is the Declaration kept today?
    Library of Congress
    National Archives
    White House

9. There are 24 known copies of the version of the Declaration known as the "Dunlap Broadside", named after John Dunlap. Who was he?
    A printer
    An early historian
    Vice-President of the Congress
    The first Librarian of Congress

10. One member of Congress who did not sign the Declaration was John Dickinson. What was his reason?
    He was ill
    He was afraid of the consequences
    He disagreed with the wording
    He was hoping for a reconciliation with Britain

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