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Easy General Knowledge19

Created by Inquizition

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Mixed 25 Q. Tough
Easy General Knowledge19 game quiz
"25 easy general knowledge questions which progressively increase in difficulty. Good luck and have fun."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Which is the next colour in the order of colours in a spectrum: red, orange, yellow, green, blue ... ?

2. The South American country of Colombia was named after which explorer?
    Amerigo Vespucci
    Christopher Columbus
    Ferdinand Magellan
    Captain James Cook

3. Which of the following chemical elements was named after a country?

4. Which book features the house 'Toad Hall' and the characters 'Toad', 'Mole', 'Water Rat' and 'Badger'?
    The Wind in the Willows
    The Water Babies
    Watership Down
    Tarka the Otter

5. Which of the following is the INCORRECT statement about komodo dragons?
    They inhabit the island of Madagascar
    They are the world's heaviest living lizards
    They are good climbers and can climb trees
    Like all monitor lizards they are good swimmers

6. How many legs has a lobster got?

7. Which of the following statements is INCORRECT about the 'elephant bird'?
    It was a flightless bird
    It grew up to 4.5metres tall and weighed as much as an ox
    It lived on the Galapagos islands
    It laid eggs the size of soccer balls

8. Name the acid in the human stomach?
    Sulphuric acid
    Hydrochloric acid
    Acetic acid
    Nitric acid

9. Which French scientist was the first to realize that air is a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen and water is a compound of hydrogen and oxygen?
    Antoine Laurent Lavoisier
    Blaise Pascal
    Louis Pasteur
    Auguste Marie Louis Nicolas Lumiere

10. Alfred Butts of New England devised this game, originally called 'Criss-Cross', to amuse himself and it became one of the most successful board-games ever?

11. Which of the following creatures does NOT live on the sea bed?
    Basking shark
    Carpet shark
    Nurse shark

12. Which of the following is the INCORRECT statement about the koala bear?
    Koalas can sleep for 20 hours and eat the remaining 4 hours of the day
    They need to drink only about a pint of water a day
    They are a threatened species and are fully protected
    The male koala has a bellowing call, heard several kilometres away

13. Who was the artist of the monumental (26 foot) mural of 'Guernica' who worked prolifically until his death at the age of 92.
    Marcel Duchamp
    Man Ray
    Pablo Picasso
    Salvador Dali

14. The 'Model T Ford' car earned its nickname 'Tin Lizzie' because of ... ?
    Its hammered by hand body-panels
    Its manufacture using an alloy of tin
    Its 'coach built' appearance meaning individually built by hand
    Its fragile-looking chassis

15. The 'Empire State Building' was completed in 1931, reaching a height of 1250 feet, but how many storeys did it have?

16. What is the biggest living reptile?
    Nile crocodile
    Saltwater crocodile
    Black caiman

17. Which of the following statements is INCORRECT about the 'roadrunner'?
    It can be found in desert scrub in Mexico and southwestern USA
    It is a member of the weaverbird family
    Its so named because of its habit of racing along roads in front of cars
    It chooses the road as its a source of injured animals

18. Which of the following is NOT a description of the word 'sidewinder'?
    A rattlesnake that moves forwards by a sideways looping motion
    Laughing very hearty and producing great mirth
    A term used in boxing for a heavy swinging blow from the side
    An air-to-air missile using infrared homing aids in seeking its target

19. The word 'dodo' for a tame flightless bird, was derived from the word 'doudo' meaning 'simpleton' in which language?

20. Which of the following is the INCORRECT statement about the duck-billed platypus?
    Each of its dives can last up to 10 minutes
    The female lays eggs, like a bird or reptile
    The male platypus has a poison spur hidden in its fur on each hind leg
    It catches frogs, fish, worms and insect grubs

21. Which famous scientist started work as an apprentice bookbinder but became an assistant to Humphrey Davy after taking brilliant notes at one of Davy's lectures
    Robert Boyle
    Michael Faraday
    Edmund Halley
    Robert Wilhelm Bunsen

22. How many of the following statements are CORRECT about the word garibaldi: (1) type of damselfish, (2) Italian patriot, (3) type of biscuit (4) a woman's loose blouse?

23. Which of the following facts is INCORRECT about Sir Isaac Newton?
    He invented a new branch of mathematics called calculus
    He wrote the book 'The Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy'
    He married twice, both times to sisters
    He discovered that sunlight was a mixture of all colours via a spectrum

24. Which country was a former Belgian colony and exports copper, cobalt, coffee, petroleum and is one of the world's leading industrial diamond producers?
    South Africa

25. Here is the stinker! (well it is about paint) Who in 1508 was summoned to Rome by the pope to decorate the private Papal rooms of the Sistine Chapel while Michelangelo worked on the chapel ceiling?
    Leonardo da Vinci

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