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Created by hews

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Osaka game quiz
"Osaka is an enigmatic mix of industry, history, technology and entertainment. Here are ten diverse questions on this great city."

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1. According to official population figures, Osaka is Japan's third largest city. Which two cities have a larger population?
    Tokyo and Fukuoka
    Tokyo and Nagoya
    Tokyo and Yokohama
    Tokyo and Sapporo

2. Which of the following rivers do not flow through Osaka?

3. Takoyaki is regarded as Osaka's chief culinary showpiece. What is Takoyaki?
    Eel fillets
    Seaweed ice cream
    Fragrant rice served in a pig's ear
    Octopus pieces fried in ball-shaped batter

4. How many times has Osaka hosted the World Exposition?

5. Which Michael Douglas movie was filmed almost entirely in Osaka?
    Basic Instinct
    Black Rain
    Wall Street
    American Ninja

6. True or False: There is a Disneyland in Osaka.

7. One particular way of celebrating local and sporting success is said to be unique to Osaka. What does it involve?
    Cutting one's hair
    Jumping off bridges into a river
    Painting the town red (literally)
    Linking arms and dancing back to back

8. Which of the following sports teams is not based in Osaka?
    Yomiuri Giants
    Hanshin Tigers
    Kintetsu Buffaloes

9. Which of the following cities defeated Osaka in the latter`s first ever bid to host the Summer Olympic Games?
    St. Louis

10. What is unusual about Kansai International Airport, the international airport servicing Osaka?
    It is built entirely on an artificial island.
    It boasts the world's longest runway.
    It is the only international airport in the world serviced by only one airline.
    The terminal building is made of plastic and glass.

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Compiled Jun 28 12