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What You May Not Know About The Civil War

Created by Colmosby

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : U.S. Civil War
What You May Not Know About The Civil War game quiz
"These are some fun questions and facts you may not know. Have fun."

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1. Winfield Scott Hancock ran for President. Who did he lose to?
    James Garfield
    Wm. McKinley
    U. S. Grant
    G. C. Alexander

2. What President restored the citizenship of Jefferson Davis?
    Lyndon Johnson
    Jimmy Carter
    Wm. Clinton
    John Kennedy

3. At the battle of Gettysburg, a Maryland regiment had a dog as a mascot which was out ahead of the troops during the attack on Culp's Hill. What regiment was it?
    1st Maryland
    17th Maryland
    5th Maryland
    2nd Maryland

4. Another Gettysburg question. Anybody who has been to Gettysburg battle and gone to the Cyclorama has seen the picture of Gen. Pickett's charge on 3 July. Who painted it?
    Henry Love
    Frank Vizetelly
    Adalbert Volck
    Paul Philippoteaux

5. At the execution of the Lincoln conspirators who gave the command to spring the trap door of the gallows?
    Edwin Stanton
    President Johnson
    Winfield Scott Hancock
    U. S. Grant

6. Which Union officer confiscated Gen. Lee's Arlington home and made it a cemetery for Union solders?
    John McIntosh
    Benjamin Prentiss
    Montgomery Meigs
    George Thomas

7. After Gen. Longstreet was wounded by his own troops Gen. Lee attemped to lead a charge of CSA troops. What battle was it?

8. What CSA unit was the first and only unit offically to be named for a person?
    Irish Brigade
    The Stonewall Brigade
    Prentiss's Partisan's
    Gillaspie's Grays

9. What CSA commander kept his army in the field for six weeks after the surrender at Appomattox, finally surrendering on 2 June, 1865?
    Jo Shelby
    E. Kirby Smith
    Simon Buckner
    Richard Taylor

10. Col. Mosby earned the nickname "Gray Ghost". What was the official name of the unit he commanded?
    Mosby's Partisans
    43rd Battalion, 1st Virginia Cavalry
    Mosby's Guerrillas
    1st Virginia Cavalry

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