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Where We Met Them First

Created by empressdevine

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : TV Stars Mixed
Where We Met Them First game quiz
"I give you clues on a particular celeb, you tell me who it is; or I give a show that the celeb was on, and you give the celeb."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. We first met this singer/actress on a sitcom called "Thea". Who is she?
    Queen Latifah

2. We now know her as Jay on the hit sitcom "My Wife and Kids", but we first knew her as another comedian's wife in what show?
    Answer: (One word)

3. We first met her as spunky, feisty child on the 80s sitcom "227". In the late 1990s and early 2000s she was hanging with her mama in College, in what show?
    The Parkers
    The Sisters

4. We knew him as feisty, outspoken Kenny on "The Cosby Show". He later became Jordan Bennett on what show?
    American Playhouse
    Sister Sister
    Hangin' With Mr. Cooper
    Getting By

5. We first met her as the cheerleader captain and girlfriend of Zack Morris. She grew up to become Valerie Malone on what hit series?
    Step by Step
    Married... with Children
    Beverly Hills, 90210
    Charles in Charge

6. We know him best as clumsy Cole Brown on the sitcom "Martin", but we knew him before on the hit show "The Cosby Show" as what character?

7. Now a big name movie actress we first met her on the small screen as a college student Lena James on what sitcom?
    Beverly Hills, 90210
    The Cosby Show
    A Different World
    Sister Sister

8. Now known as the proud columnist Carrie of the "New Yorker" on HBO's hit series "Sex and the City", Sarah Jessica Parker found her beginnings on an '80s high school sitcom called?
    Square Pegs
    Equal Justice
    A Year in the Life

9. Which High School High star went on to become one of the Joseph sisters on the HBO hit series "Soul Food"?
    Vanessa Williams
    Halle Berry
    Alisha Bell
    Malinda Williams

10. We know her as Malena Ellis on the series "For Your Love" but what '80s show was she on playing the role of Officer/Detective Judy Hoffs?
    Answer: (3 words starting with a number)

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Compiled May 19 14