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General Science Part V

Created by wimm

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Miscellaneous Science
General Science Part V game quiz
"Part five in the series. I hope it's not too tough. Have fun."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Suppose you have a big petrol tank, made of iron, buried in your garden. It might be a good idea to protect it against corrosion, so the petrol will not end up in the soil of your garden. From the proposed answers, which one will be the most effective?
    Block of Mg buried close to the tank, connected by a Cu-wire
    Block of Mg firmly attached to the side of the tank
    Block of Au buried close to the tank, connected by a Cu-wire
    Block of Au firmly attached to the side of the tank

2. I have two identical glasses of fresh water at room temperature. In the first glass I dissolve two teaspoons of salt. Then I take two identical ice cubes and throw them in the glasses (one in each). Which ice cube will be melted first?
    the one in the fresh water
    there will be no time difference
    the one in the salty water
    the one in the salty water will never melt completely

3. Staying with the ice cubes, I could propose a new trick to the world's greatest magicians.
Take a piece of ice, shaped as a brick. Support it on both sides. Put a steel wire in a loop around it and fix a large iron cube on the loop (so you have a loop around the ice, with a big weight hanging under it). Abracadrabra, when you check after some time, the loop will have gone through the ice, without the ice being cut in two. (supposing the temperature in the room is not too high and the ice doesn't melt entirely before the end of the experiment of course). Is this possible?

4. As you probably know, an airplane has rubber tires underneath it. These tires are not filled with compressed air, like the tires from your car. The reason for this is, amongst others, the fact that the tires have to face a very big temperature difference after taking off. Do you know which gas is used to fill up the tires?

5. Now for some factual knowledge. When talking about earthquakes, we all know the Richter Scale, that gives an indication about the strength of the earthquake. In the past, there was another scale that was used, do you know which one?
    Scale of Newton
    Scale of Angstrom
    Scale of Botticelli
    Scale of Mercalli

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Compiled Jun 28 12