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Created by tamminsursok

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Catwoman game quiz
"Catwoman is one of the most famous heroines and villains around. Catwoman has been around for a long time. How well do you know her?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Which actress played Catwoman in 'Batman the Movie'?
    Lee Merriweather
    Ertha Kit
    Michelle Pfeifer
    Kirsten Dunst

2. What did Catwoman make her suit from in 'Batman Returns'?
    Leather Jacket
    Leather Vest
    Leather Jumpsuit
    Leather Gloves

3. What is Catwoman's real name?
    Sally Kyle
    Sarah Kyle
    Selina Kyle
    Serena Kyle

4. In 'Batman Returns' what did Catwoman pour onto her cat?
    Chocolate Cake

5. In 'Batman the Movie', what country is Catwoman from?

6. In 'Batman Returns', which line DID Catwoman say?
    "But a kiss can be deadlier if you mean it"
    "It's supposed to be cold."
    "One has just sprung to mind"
    "Alfred is not sick. Alfred is dying."

7. What is the name of Catwoman's daughter?
    Helen Kyle
    Helena Kyle
    Hallie Kyle
    Hayley Kyle

8. How did Catwoman become Catwoman?
    Fell off a building into a truck of kitty litter
    Fell off a building and cats bit her
    Fell off a building into a cat food factory
    Fell off a buidling into a warehouse full of cats

9. Who of the following was Catwoman in love with?

10. In the first ever Batman comic, what was Batman's first impression of Catwoman?
    "Hmm, nice legs!"
    "Hmm, nice nose!"
    "Hmm, nice hair!"
    "Hmm, nice suit!"

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Compiled Jun 28 12