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What's in a name? Slackbottom, Jimboomba, Djibouti, Puke, Ouagadougou, Jhunjhunu, and, of course, Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch are some of the unique world place names you'll find within!
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1 A Golden Tour
To celebrate my fiftieth quiz, I've booked myself on a first-class world tour of some golden sites. So grab a glass of champagne and join me.
10 Q
Jul 30 09
2943 plays
2 Can You Repeat That
Picture yourself at a geography exam centred upon long place names. What do you know about these names?
10 Q
Dec 08 10
2172 plays
3 Theme Week at the Nations Naming Committee
As every parent knows, naming someone is a big responsibility. How much bigger then is the task of naming an entire nation? Luckily when the Nations Naming Committee finds a good theme it can crank out several new country names in one sitting.
10 Q
Dec 19 13
351 plays
4 So Good They Named It Twice
Many places around the world have double-barrelled names. Can you locate them without developing double vision?
10 Q
Sep 21 09
3159 plays
5 The Old and the New: United States
When settlers decide to build a home in a new place, they sometimes just take an old name and make it "New". Can you guess what names have been reused in the United States?
10 Q
Sep 28 10
2901 plays
6 Match the Native American Name to the English
Many of the more significant features of the North American landscape had Native American names long before they were renamed into English. Here are some for you to figure out.
10 Q
Dec 01 08
2922 plays
7 Why Is it So?
Ever wondered where certain places got their names from or what those names meant? Trace the origins of the names belonging to a few famous cities from around the world.
10 Q
Sep 14 10
1383 plays
8 Do You Know Your Funny English Town Names?
For those who have traveled a bit around the English countryside, your flabber may not be that gasted by some of these place names. For others seeing them for the first time--they're all real, honestly!
10 Q
Aug 07 09
1179 plays
9 Biblical Origins of American Place-Names
The American pioneers were avid Bible readers and often drew inspiration from the Bible when naming places in the New World. This quiz will match Biblical places with their American namesakes. All references are from the Jewish Tanach (Old Testament).
10 Q
Mar 16 07
2547 plays
10 Europe by the Europeans
Most of us could name all ten of these European countries in English with no problems but how well do you know what they would call their own countries? All choices are correct names in different languages.
10 Q
Jan 02 09
4173 plays
11 Aber - Not Just a Swedish Pop Group!
"Aber" is a prefix to many place names in Wales - and other places in Europe and beyond! I hope you enjoy having a brief look at a few of these "Abers" from around the world.
10 Q
Nov 22 08
792 plays
12 Strange and Unusual Place Names
Team quiz by Indian Gang
A chain game on the team message board led the Indian Gang to discover places with interesting names. Come and take a trip with us across the globe.
10 Q
Mar 04 10
813 plays
13 Alphabetical Australian Place Name Origins
Australia is a relatively young country (by European standards). Following is an A-Z selection of Australian place names. What are their origins?
25 Q
Jul 22 09
771 plays
14 Cities, Towns, and Village Sobriquets 5
Communities try to promote their economy by having a nickname or sobriquet. Here are a number of nicknames that you need to attach to a city, town, or village.
10 Q
Oct 11 10
732 plays
15 Silly/Funny Worldwide City/Place Names
You're from where?! Seriously, these ten cities will have you scratching your head when you try to imagine what the folks who named them were thinking when they stuck them with their monikers. Don't expect to guess too many, just have fun.
10 Q
Jan 25 14
1020 plays
16 'Grand' Geography Names
Each of these geographic place names includes the word 'Grand' (or its variations 'Gran' and 'Grande'). I wish you luck on this adventure!
10 Q
Jun 05 04
3138 plays
17 Also Known As...
Cities, states and countries are often known by numerous names other than their official title. See if you can identify this selection by their alternative names...
10 Q
Nov 10 13
1329 plays
18 It's a Satanic Planet II
Here is another Satanic Planet quiz. The original quiz used variations of Satan's name. This quiz uses only the word devil or a variant of the word devil to describe the geographic feature. Remember, the devil is in the details.
10 Q
Aug 06 12
465 plays
19 Oh No! I'm Lost
Don't worry! You aren't seeing double. Here are world cities that share the same name.
10 Q
Sep 25 13
600 plays
20 Eating Places
The answers refer to place names that are also foods. or foods that are also places. Good Luck.
20 Q
Nov 06 01
9603 plays
21 Geographical Sobriquets
All multiple choice, these sobriquets are given to cities or countries. Can you work out which is correct from the options given?
10 Q
Apr 27 03
3711 plays
22 What They Call Their Own Country
We may call it one thing in English, but sometimes the name of a country can be radically different in the country's own language. I give you their name, you pick the English name. Hint: It is not always in the official language of the country
15 Q
Jul 23 02
4683 plays
23 Santa Claus Is Coming to a Town Near You
Most people have heard the classic Christmas song "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town", but what about going to a town named Santa? This quiz is about places with "Santa" in their name.
10 Q
Apr 29 11
468 plays
24 Former or Alternate Names of Nations
Do you know the former names or alternate names for these countries?
10 Q
Apr 19 02
10011 plays
25 Can you ID these World Cities by Their Nicknames?
Many people know "The Big Apple" is New York City and "The Big Easy" is New Orleans. But other cities around the globe have sobriquets as well. Let's take a trip and see how many you know.
10 Q
Oct 10 12
1068 plays
26 Former British Colonies
I want the name of a former British colony, protectorate or dependency. I give you its capital and sometimes a clue. Major clue: None of these territories have the same name today.
25 Q
May 13 02
3987 plays
27 Old Names for New Countries
Colonialism and independence have seen many place names change over the years - can you match them?
10 Q
Jul 17 00
8406 plays
28 Why Is There an Echo in This Place Name... Name...
Many places in the world have reduplicated or tautological names. This means groups of letters are repeated or that the noun is repeated, as in 'River Tyne' - tyne is an old Celtic word meaning river. I hope you enjoy this selection of echoing words!
10 Q
Dec 29 13
507 plays
29 England and New England
Some place names exist in both England and in New England (northeastern USA). In some cases, the place in New England was named after the one in England.
10 Q
Oct 08 14
399 plays
30 Names Names Names
A hodgepodge of why, where, who, what, and when of geographical names.
20 Q
Jan 16 02
4314 plays
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