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1 Name that Dance
Dancing is an artistic way for us to express ourselves. We either watch dance, perform it, or occasionally break out into it during moments of joy or triumph. See how much you know about this art form/exercise/cultural activity that we all enjoy.
10 Q
Oct 04 14
162 plays
2 Hula: The Dance of Hawaii
Hollywood and tourists' dreams have romanticized Hawaii's indigenous dance. How much do you REALLY know about the hula?
10 Q
Jul 06 09
468 plays
3 Dancing with Bob
While thumbing through the telephone directory in the phone box outside his house, my friend Bob noticed an advertisement for a local dancing school, and decided to investigate the lessons on offer there.
10 Q
Apr 03 12
453 plays
4 It's Time to Line Dance
It's time to dance. Don't have a partner? No problem. It's time to line dance. So, get yourself in line and take this quiz. Have fun!
10 Q
Mar 03 09
474 plays
5 Go Go Boots
When you watch a truly skilled dancer, it often seems as though there's nothing in the world except the music and their body -- but that's not quite true. Let's look at the footwear that helps make the fancy footwork possible.
10 Q
Feb 16 14
402 plays
6 Ants in My Pants
... that's probably the kindest way to describe my dancing. But enough of that, as I start making moves, can you put names to my dance floor antics from the clues given?
10 Q
Jan 25 13
459 plays
7 One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
My fairy godmother has given me a magic pair of dancing shoes. With them I can journey through the land of dance.
10 Q
Feb 16 10
450 plays
8 Run, Twist, Stomp
Can you recognise these popular dances from a description of the dancers' movements or the music to which they are performing?
10 Q
Jul 02 12
1065 plays
9 Tangos, Tarantellas and More
We're going to dance our way round the world. In each country we will do their national or most recognisable dance, so dancing shoes on and let's go.
10 Q
Mar 22 12
312 plays
10 Shake a Leg
The phrase "to shake a leg" can mean to go dancing. Here are ten different dances from different eras and different countries. Let's get moving!
10 Q
Jul 07 13
903 plays
11 Lose Yourself to Dance
Dancing is a part of practically all world cultures. Here are ten questions about ten of the worlds most popular dancers of the 20th century. A variety of dance styles will be covered.
10 Q
Feb 21 14
621 plays
12 Classical Dance Vocabulary
Most people in the dance industry today refer to positions and steps by their "American" or "Jazz" names, and not by their traditional French names. In this quiz you will learn the traditional names of dance steps.
10 Q
Aug 12 09
510 plays
13 Types of Dance
In this quiz I will describe a genre (type) of dance and you will have to tell what kind it is. This quiz may contain any type of dance from ballet to krump. Good luck! -Babystar
10 Q
Feb 25 08
1461 plays
14 Beautiful Bassedanse
What do you know about the stately European "Queen of Measures"? Strut your stuff as you learn the true medieval meaning of 'perfect'.
15 Q
Dec 15 09
243 plays
15 The Strange Art of Morris Dancing
At a summer event in the UK, you may see a performance by Morris dancers. As strange a dance as this may be, have you paid enough attention to what they were all about? Well, this quiz will test your knowledge of this peculiar form of folk dance.
10 Q
Mar 27 12
219 plays
16 So You Think You KNOW Dance?
Let's see how well you know about dance, its events and contributors!
10 Q
Nov 02 09
366 plays
17 Contra Dance Basics
Here is a basic quiz on my favorite social activity, contra dance.
10 Q
Jun 18 13
141 plays
18 Native American Powwows: Stories Through Art
Most of us look on the dances of Native Americans as works of art with fancy clothing, intricate footwork, and wonderful music. They are much more than that - they are the stories of the Native Americans.
10 Q
Sep 22 02
336 plays
19 Ballroom Dancers Anonymous
Once ballroom dancing becomes an addiction, normal life ceases to exist. You cannot listen to the radio without saying, "hmmm...that is a tango." These are songs I adore on the dance floor.
15 Q
Dec 07 09
243 plays
20 Modern Dancers
This is a fairly simple quiz about modern dancers through history.
Very Difficult
10 Q
Mar 22 01
594 plays
21 Indonesian Dance Traditions
Much of the information in this quiz is derived from Xenia Zarina's 'Classic Dances of the Orient' and from the 'International Encyclopedia of Dance', 'Indonesia' entry. Enjoy!
Very Difficult
10 Q
Jun 01 02
222 plays
22 History of Dance
Whether you're a dancing machine or have two left feet, I'm sure you'll find this quiz on the history of dance interesting. Cut a rug!
Very Difficult
10 Q
Oct 18 02
762 plays
23 Breakdancing: How Much Do You Know?
B-boying (more commonly known as breakdancing) is known for its high-flying tricks and unique style. Hopefully this quiz will help you learn a little bit more about this entertaining form of dance.
10 Q
Apr 08 13
135 plays
24 Famous Dancers
I will give you a brief description of the dancer (past or present) and you have to say who it is ... Good luck!
10 Q
Cara Splash
Jan 22 05
798 plays
25 Strictly Come Dancing
I love dancing so here is my mixed quiz about dancers, dances and dancing from all around the world. So, let's dance .... :)
10 Q
Jul 23 13
234 plays
26 Identify the Country Dance
One of my favourite activities is country dancing - mainly English and American. Can you identify the dances from the instructions given?
10 Q
Oct 03 07
282 plays
27 The Visual Imagination of Modern Dance
Modern dance has given audiences unforgettable images, some delightful, some profound, and some just plain weird. See if you can match the descriptions, the dancer or choreographer's name, and the titles of the dance.
10 Q
Dec 06 08
204 plays
28 The Dance Quiz
Hey! This is just a quiz I made up for people who love dance everywhere. Have fun!
10 Q
Jan 20 04
2631 plays
29 Origin of Krumping
Krumping isn't a very well known dance, but I think it's interesting to watch! Krumping is a different version of Hip-hop. Take this quiz to find out how Krumping got started.
10 Q
Jul 10 06
285 plays
30 Judson Church Movement
This is a quiz on American Modern Dance in the 1960s, specifically the Judson Church Movement.
5 Q
Jun 16 01
285 plays
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Some sample questions from this category:

* Who is known as the 'bad boy' of modern dance?
* The dancers in Pilobolus are known for what kind of background?
* Which of the following women was NOT a founder of the Judson Church movement?
* Which of the following dancers did NOT study at Denishawn before moving onto the dance scene on his or her own terms?
* From what school did Twyla Tharp graduate?

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