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What do you know about this topic? Play this mixed game to try a little bit of everything!
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1 Major "Star Wars" Battles
Large battles are a staple of the "Star Wars" franchise. Do you know which major battle was which from "Episode I" to "Episode VI"?
10 Q
Apr 24 13
687 plays
2 When did it Happen Again?
With a saga spanning six movies, there was an awful lot that happened in the "Star Wars" series. Can you remember what happened in which movie?
10 Q
Mar 30 09
1695 plays
3 "Star Wars" Nicknames, Insults and Titles Part 3
Even more nicknames, insults and titles can be found in the six "Star Wars" movies. Have fun.
15 Q
Apr 06 11
933 plays
4 When Did it Happen?
There are many memorable events that span the six-movie "Star Wars" saga. Can you remember which movie each was from?
10 Q
Nov 26 08
2592 plays
5 Which "Star Wars" Movie Was It?
Choose which "Star Wars" movie I'm describing.
15 Q
Jan 06 04
22458 plays
6 "SW" Movie Highlights
In this quiz you will be asked questions about the prequel trilogy and the original trilogy. Sith or Jedi, have fun and may the Force be with you!
10 Q
Aug 29 14
210 plays
7 Star Wars - Episodes I-VI
Ten question quiz on this legendary movie series.
10 Q
Jan 01 13
456 plays
8 The "Star Wars" Saga Ends
Now that all six "Star Wars" movies have been released, I have a few questions about them all.
10 Q
Jun 27 05
8922 plays
9 Dark Reign of the Empire
This quiz is all about the rise and fall of the Galactic Empire, but the questions can be from any of the six "Star Wars" movies. Enjoy!
10 Q
Mar 04 13
291 plays
10 Star Wars
"Star Wars" captivates almost anyone who sees it. It's fresh, original, and, brilliant. This quiz has 25 questions, 5 per episode.
25 Q
Sep 08 02
12522 plays
11 "Star Wars" Space Battles
Space combat is an important part of the "Star Wars" saga. What can you remember about these exciting battles and chases in all six films?
10 Q
Sep 05 10
615 plays
12 'Star Wars' Part 2 of 2
Here's another 'Star Wars' quiz! This one's got a little bit of everything, the Trilogy, Episode One, and a lot of behind the scenes. Some of these are pretty hard! Thanks for playing and have fun!
20 Q
Jul 06 01
8340 plays
13 'Star Wars': Then and Now
Have fun and may the force be with you!
15 Q
May 19 00
14196 plays
14 "Star Wars": How Much Do You Know?
I am a big fan of "Star Wars," as well as the message behind a lot of what it represents. I don't know everything, but I want to see how much you do! :)
15 Q
Mar 22 03
11046 plays
15 Jedi Mind Tricks
This quiz is one the movies "Star Wars Episodes IV-VI", and "Episodes I & II". Not all of the questions can be answered from the theatrical releases.
10 Q
Dec 20 03
3834 plays
16 Star Wars
Welcome to Obi - Rob's "Star Wars" quiz. This quiz is based on "Episode I," "Episode II," "Episode IV," "Episode V," and "Episode VI." Good luck and may the force be with you!
10 Q
obi - rob
Jul 24 03
8121 plays
17 'Star Wars' 1
Mixed 'Star Wars' trivia.
10 Q
Jun 21 00
11793 plays
18 'Star Wars' Movies
This 'Star Wars' quiz ain't easy -- you'll need more than just a perfunctory knowledge of these flicks to do well -- so, good luck. You thought I was going to say 'And may the force be with you,' didn't you? Wrong!
15 Q
Aug 26 01
7779 plays
19 Yay "Star Wars"!
This is for all those "Star Wars" geeks like me out there! There will be questions from the movies. Of course, "May the force be with you".
15 Q
Oct 11 04
6864 plays
20 "Star Wars": A New Phrasing
Get out your Luminescent Blades (or, lightsabers) and prepare to slice apart my verbose, prosaic, and poetical "Star Wars" terms to return them to their original versions. Questions are taken from characters, objects and titles relating to Episodes 1-6.
10 Q
Nov 10 08
969 plays
21 For Jedi Masters
This is a quiz for those of you who actually paid attention to the credits of the 'Star Wars' films. It also has a few location questions. Good luck!
10 Q
Nov 28 01
5349 plays
22 Character Quotes
In this quiz you answer the questions... simple.
10 Q
Apr 28 11
444 plays
23 'Star Wars' Quiz
This is a fairly average 'Star Wars' quiz. If you're a big fan, it should be easy, but if you've only seen the movies a couple of times, it will be pretty hard.
10 Q
Feb 09 01
1659 plays
24 "Star Wars" Freaks
My friend and I made this quiz. You need to know some things that aren't in the movie for this quiz. This will probably have more questions about episode 2 and 5 than any other episodes, because those are our favorite ones.
10 Q
Dec 20 03
3417 plays
25 Most Excellent "Star Wars" Saga Quiz
How well do you know the "Star Wars" saga? Find out with this quiz. Included are questions from Episodes 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6. Warning: some questions are not directly answered in the movies themselves.
10 Q
Jan 19 03
8136 plays
26 Yet Another 'Star Wars' Quiz
This quiz ranges from 'nearly impossible' to 'exceedingly simple'. May the Force be with you!
15 Q
Jan 19 01
2754 plays
27 Quotes from 'Star Wars'
Ok, real simple tell me who said the quote. Comes just from the movies this time, all four of them. Good luck.
10 Q
Mar 12 00
12705 plays
28 "Star Wars" Nicknames, Insults and Titles Part 2
Here is part 2 of my quiz of "Star Wars" nicknames, insults and titles. This time, it's the prequel trilogy. Good luck!
15 Q
Mar 06 11
420 plays
29 The Jedi Council -- Episodes I & II
If you paid attention in the Council scenes, you should do pretty well.
10 Q
Jul 07 03
2889 plays
30 Inside 'Star Wars'
This trivia focuses on the lesser known facts about the 'Star Wars' movies, such as inside jokes, mistakes, and other things you would only notice if your were REALLY paying attention. It also really helps if you know some things about popular culture.
10 Q
May 02 01
6951 plays
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