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These quizzes concern anything musical with something in common e.g. song titles, songs themselves, the questions and answers have a common theme or name ... sort of like cousins twice removed.

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folder "Baby" in Songs (3) folder "Girl" or "Woman" in Title (8)
folder "I" in Songs (8) folder "Man" or "Boy" in Title (6)
folder "Mr" or "Mrs" in Title (4) folder Animals in Songs (48)
folder Art in Songs (3) folder Artist Name is the Same (35)
folder Astronomy in Songs (16) folder Bands in Songs (4)
folder Body Parts in Songs (16) folder Cartoon Characters in Songs (6)
folder Clothing in Songs (5) folder Color Songs (58)
folder Common Bond (10) folder Crime and Punishment in Songs (2)
folder Days in Songs (17) folder Drugs in Songs (5)
folder Emotion in Songs (34) folder Food and Drink in Songs (34)
folder Fools in Songs (4) folder Furniture in Songs (3)
folder Games and Toys in Songs (4) folder Geography in Songs (90)
folder Heaven and Hell in Songs (24) folder History in Songs (10)
folder Literature in Songs (8) folder Magic in Songs (7)
folder Medicine in Songs (4) folder Mental Illness in Songs (5)
folder Musical Instruments in Songs (5) folder Myth and Legend in Song (6)
folder Names in Songs (62, 1 new) folder Number Songs (41)
folder Occupations in Songs (2) folder One Word Songs (8)
folder Opposites in Songs (3) folder People in Songs (39)
folder Plants and Trees in Songs (6) folder Political Songs (12)
folder Prayer in Songs (7, 1 new) folder Relatives in Songs (16)
folder Repeated Words in Song Titles (5) folder Rocks and Gems in Songs (3)
folder Schools in Songs (5) folder Science in Songs (7)
folder Seasons in Songs (12) folder Songs of Night and Darkness (11)
folder Songs With Same Word (98, 2 new) folder Songs with Subtitles (6)
folder Sound Effects in Songs (6) folder Spooky Songs (3)
folder Sports in Songs (8) folder Sweetness in Songs (3)
folder Telephone Calls in Songs (2) folder The Circus in Songs (3)
folder Time in Songs (18) folder Title is a Question (10)
folder Title Not In Lyrics (7) folder Tragedy in Songs (29)
folder Transport in Songs (32) folder Up, Down - Directions in Songs (14, 1 new)
folder Walking and Running in Songs (10) folder Weather Songs (34)
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121 Pop Music with Jazz Influence
Sometimes pop artists collaborate with jazz musicians, play jazz themselves or are simply inspired by it.
10 Q
Nov 09 06
300 plays
122 Just A Moment!
This is a quiz about song lyrics that include the words, "Just" or "Moment". Tell me the movie or show, the writer, or whatever is asked for. Merrily you should roll along!
10 Q
Mar 08 13
345 plays
123 My Shadow Follows Me Wherever I Go
As the title suggests, this is a general music quiz themed around shadows.
10 Q
Aug 08 09
285 plays
124 "Kiss" The Band
The following songs all contain the word "kiss" in the title. All you have to do is name the singer or group who sang them. Have fun!
10 Q
Aug 27 09
465 plays
125 Wait....What Did He Just Sing?
Have you ever listened to a song that was so incredibly fast that you thought "Wait... What did he just sing?" I have. Here are some insanely fast songs.
10 Q
May 22 11
417 plays
126 Songs With Poor Grammar
Select the singer or group who needs to return to grammar school.
10 Q
Jan 23 01
1857 plays
127 Ich Bin Ein Lyrics!
The following songs have all had airplay in the United States, but are sung (entirely or partially) in a foreign language. Identify the songs from their lyrics translated into English.
10 Q
Jun 07 02
2565 plays
128 Greetings And Salutations
Dear Quiz-Taker. Whether it's "Dear," "Hello" or some other form of acknowledgement, there's many a good songwriter who included these greetings and salutations in some of our favorite songs. Regards, TheMats. P.S. Have fun...
10 Q
Aug 17 05
543 plays
129 Time to Go Home
This quiz was created in response to an Author Challenge. It's all about songs and lyrics to do with going home...
10 Q
Oct 01 12
465 plays
130 The Triplets of Tuneville
Many songs have a set of three words or phrases in the title. Here's a quiz about them. So, are you ready to Shake, Rattle and Roll?
10 Q
Aug 24 04
375 plays
131 Egotistical Songs or Lyrics
Enough about you, let's talk about me! Songs in which artists hold themselves in high esteem (70's, 80's, 90's)
10 Q
Jan 23 01
3537 plays
132 Wine, Women and Song!
Songs that feature the words "wine", "women" or "song" in the title. All questions relate to UK Singles Chart Top 40 hits since 1952.
10 Q
Feb 22 10
384 plays
133 Through The Fire
Each song in this quiz will directly mention fire, whether it be literally or figuratively used. Guess the correct song, lyric, or artist from the choices given.
Very Difficult
10 Q
Mar 13 14
324 plays
134 I Got Rhythm. I Got Terrible Grammar
Most of the time, an artist's decision to fudge around with the English language is for style and creative purposes, but let's help them clean up these lyrics anyway. All lyrics come from
10 Q
Apr 20 14
330 plays
135 What happened in the month of January?
The idea behind this quiz is that I give you a piece of information relating to the month of January. You just have to select the correct band or artist. It mostly has a rock bias, have fun!
10 Q
Apr 30 10
261 plays
136 Obscure Religious Mentions in Popular Music
Have you ever noticed how musicians who have no particular advertised religious leanings will use obscure religious "asides" in their songs? let's see how much you noticed...
10 Q
Sep 05 03
1476 plays
137 Easy Music Links
All you have to do is choose the most likely common thread between each of these three recordings.
10 Q
Nov 05 01
612 plays
138 Mathematical Music
Many songs contain mathematical references (some intentionally, some not). Can you recognise these songs and bands?
10 Q
Feb 02 12
258 plays
139 Rock and Roll's Godparents
Many of us have Godparents. So, it seems, do musical genres. Co-authored with AlbionErin
10 Q
Jan 22 14
303 plays
140 The Music Lives On
Some famous artists died young, just as they were entering their peak. I will give a small description of an artist whose legacy lives on to music fans around the world.
10 Q
Apr 07 06
291 plays
141 Which Song or Artist Doesn't Belong?
In each question, you'll be given four songs or four artists. Choose the one different from the other three. There will be a clue in the question as to what the other three have in common, and the solution must fit the clue.
10 Q
Sep 15 03
714 plays
142 Lyrics Starting with B
This is another quiz where I give you the lyrics and you have to guess the song - this time all songs start with the letter B.
15 Q
Jan 16 02
1107 plays
143 Music: Odd One Out
In this quiz three of the four answers will have something in common. Your answer is the one that doesn't belong. Each question will give you a hint as to what the three have in common.
Very Difficult
15 Q
Feb 23 03
423 plays
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* Here's an easy one to get you started: John Mellencamp, Michael Jackson, David Letterman ?
* Jackson Browne, Sweet Honey in the Rock, James Taylor, Bonnie Raitt, Neil Young.
* Buddy Holly, Rick Nelson, Patsy Cline, Jim Croce, Otis Redding
* Ritchie Furay, Randy Meisner, Jim Messina, Kim Bullard
* Santana, Bonnie Raitt, Michael Jackson, Christopher Cross, Paul Simon

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