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Beginning Skaters

Created by Luvs2Sk8

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Beginning Skaters game quiz
"Kristi, Tara, Scott, and Philippe, all learned the can you! Take this quiz and apply the right answers to your own ice experience."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Besides yourself, the basic need of beginning skaters is a good pair of skates. How should your skates (especially rentals) fit your foot?
    Heel should slip
    Large enough to grow into
    At least one size smaller than shoe size, with toe to the end of skate
    With room for two pairs of socks

2. How should your skates be laced?
    Tight from bottom to top
    Don't pull too hard on the toe
    V pattern
    Tighter at the toe, looser at ankles, snug at top

3. Once you get on the ice, if you fall, what should you should try to fall on?
    Your tummy
    Your buttocks
    Your side
    Your hand

4. Before you go too fast, learn how to stop. The easiest stop is the snowplow, in which you push your heels _____?
    To the left
    Under and use your toes to stop
    To the right
    Out to the sides and away from each other

5. Stroking: when you push off on an inside edge (the inside of your blade), remember to bend your what?
    your ankles
    your knees
    your hips
    your arms

6. How should your head be held when you skate forwards?
    looking behind you
    looking down at your feet
    level and looking ahead
    looking up at the roof/sky

7. How many edges does a skater need to learn?

8. As a beginner, should you skate in the middle of the rink?

9. What is the best way to improve your skating?
    buy expensive skates
    watch skaters on television
    teach yourself from a book
    take lessons

10. How many calories an hour does the average person burn while ice skating?

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Compiled Jan 07 14