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After They Split Up

Created by Roslyn

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Supergroups and Artist Movement
After They Split Up game quiz
"Manufactured bands, have they had their day? I hope not! This quiz is testing your staying power. Did you follow the careers of your favourite pop stars even after the band split up? I must warn you that these are mostly British bands."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Remember Take That? They had hits such as "Relight My Fire" and "Back For Good". Which former Take That member won "Celebrity Big Brother" in 2002?
    Mark Owen
    Howard Donald
    Gary Barlow
    Jason Orange

2. Another boy band member, Keith Duffy, was a contestant on "Celebrity Big Brother" in 2001. Which band was he a member of?
    Take That
    East 17

3. Which soap opera did Keith Duffy first appear in in 2002 playing Cairan McCarthy?
    Coronation Street

4. It was a "Tragedy" when Steps split up. Which members went on to co-present "SM:TV Live" in 2002?
    Lee and Claire
    Claire and H
    H and Lisa
    Lee and Faye

5. Which former New Kids on the Block member showed he had "The Right Stuff" when it came to acting when he played Vincent Grey in "The Sixth Sense"?
    Donnie Wahlberg
    Jordan Knight
    Jonathon Knight
    Joe McIntyre

6. Since the Spice Girls split up, all of them have had a degree of success. Which one was a judge on "Popstars: The Rivals"?
    Mel B
    Mel C

7. "When Will I be Famous" was a huge hit for Bros, but they were not famous for very long. Which of band members has gone on to acting in films such as "Blade II"?
    Answer: (Two Words - Luke Goss or Matt Goss)

8. "Posh Spice", Victoria Beckham's husband and life style, have kept her in the limelight more so than her solo efforts in the pop world. Which of the following are the correct names of two of her children?
    Juliet and Manhattan
    Juliet and Brooklyn
    Manhattan and Romeo
    Brooklyn and Romeo

9. In 2004 Ronan Keating released "Last Thing on my Mind" which was a duet with which American singer?
    Shania Twain
    Britney Spears
    LeAnn Rimes
    Jessica Simpson

10. Which of the following singles is not a first solo effort by an ex-manufactured band member?
    Robbie William's "Freedom"
    Geri Halliwell's "It's Raining Men"
    Ronan Keating's "When You Say Nothing At All"
    Gary Barlow's "Forever Love"

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Compiled Oct 07 14