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First Times From Around The World

Created by James76255

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : First, Second, Third and Last
First Times From Around The World game quiz
"Here are 15 questions about 15 firsts from across the globe. Categories will range anywhere from sports to politics. Good luck."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Australia: In 1894, what did Australia do for the first time regarding their political elections?
    Voted by secret ballot
    Gave women the right to vote
    Lowered the legal voting age to 18
    Required registration to vote

2. Great Britain: What was the winner of Best British Film at the first British Film Awards in 1947?
    Odd Man Out
    The Hills of Donegal
    Circus Boy
    Things Happen at Night

3. Ireland: In what year was Ireland's first professional sanctioned women's boxing match?

4. Scotland: At what Olympic Games did a Scottish competitor win a gold medal for the first time?
    1952 Helsinki Games
    1912 Stockholm Games
    1908 London Games
    1924 Paris Games

5. China: What was the first fast-food restaurant chain to open in China?
    Pizza Hut
    Kentucky Fried Chicken
    Taco Bell

6. Japan: Who was the first player in Japanese baseball to hit 600 career home runs?
    No player has hit 600 home runs
    Randy Bass
    Sadaharu Oh
    Shiqeo Nagashima

7. Canada: Who was the first Prime Minister of Canada?
    Louis St. Laurent
    Sir Mackenzie Bowell
    Sir John A. Macdonald
    Arthur Meighen

8. United States: Who was the first United States President to appear on television?
    Franklin D. Roosevelt
    Calvin Coolidge
    Dwight D. Eisenhower
    John F. Kennedy

9. Mexico: Who was the first female professional bullfighter in Mexico?
    Conchita Cintron
    Christina Sanchez
    Patricia McCormick
    Maria Bueno

10. New Zealand: What was the first University in New Zealand?
    Massey University
    University of Otago
    University of Canterbury
    University of Waikato

11. Germany: What was the first German Pilsner beer?

12. France: What first is Frenchman Jean Pierre Blanchard known for?
    the first recipient of a brain transplant
    the first successful demonstration of a parachute
    the director of the first movie filmed in France
    the first French Olympic athlete banned from competition

13. India: Who was the first Indian to win the Nobel Prize for Literature?
    Rabindranath Tagore
    Dukhiram Rui
    Sarada Devi
    Ezra Pound

14. Russia: Who was the first Russian cosmonaut in outer space?
    Boris Vasilev
    Gennady Padalka
    Vladimir Titov
    Yuri Gagarin

15. Italy: In what city were the first Italian Music Awards held?

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