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Blue Jays by the Numbers

Created by spanishliz

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Blue Jays by the Numbers game quiz
"I'll tell you who wore the number during the 2003 season. You will tell me who wore it in the early days of the team, or in some cases who did not wear that number."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In 2003, the number 7 belonged to pitcher Josh Towers, but who was the first person to wear this number on his Blue Jay uniform?
    Ron Fairly
    Roy Hartsfield
    Alan Ashby
    Sam Ewing

2. Catcher, Tom Wilson wore number 9 in 2003, but can you tell me who was the first Blue Jay catcher to wear this number?
    Alan Ashby
    Rick Cerone
    Ernie Whitt
    Brian Milner

3. Number 10, Vernon Wells, made an appearance in centerfield in the 2003 All Star Game, contributing a double and a RBI to the American League victory. Can you say which, of the following players, did NOT wear #10 during the Blue Jays' first two seasons?
    John Mayberry
    John Scott
    Doug Rader
    Jim Mason

4. After earning the 2002 American League Rookie of the Year award, number 11, third baseman Eric Hinske, slumped a bit in his sophomore season due to injuries. Do you know which Blue Jay short stop wore #11 in 1978 and '79?
    Luis Gomez
    Hector Torres
    Alfredo Griffin
    Garth Iorg

5. Pitcher Cliff Politte, number 19, spent nearly a month on the disabled list (DL) in 2003, but which player wore #19 in 1977?
    Dave Lemanczyk
    Alvis Woods
    Otto Velez
    Jim Clancy

6. Number 21, pitcher Cory Lidle, spent part of August 2003 on the DL with a groin strain. Twenty-five years earlier, in 1978, that number belonged to a veteran designated hitter (DH) whose nickname was 'The Beeg Mon'. Can you name him?
    Otto Velez
    Rico Carty
    Willie Horton
    Butch Alberts

7. Outfielder Bobby Kielty took over #24 from Shannon Stewart when Minnesota and Toronto swapped them for each other at the 2003 All Star break. In 1978-79 that number belonged to a left-handed pitcher who had a combined 15-30 record in his two seasons with the Blue Jays. Who was that southpaw?
    Dave Stieb
    Mike Willis
    Tom Underwood
    Jim Clancy

8. In 2003, number 25 was worn by All Star first baseman Carlos Delgado, who had his fans talking about the possibility of a triple crown early on in the season. The first Blue Jay to wear this number was also a first baseman, but do you know which one?
    Doug Ault
    Willie Upshaw
    John Mayberry
    Tommy Hutton

9. During the 2003 season the number 27 belonged to outfielder Frank Catalanotto. In 1979 this number was worn by a first baseman/DH with a somewhat unusual place of birth. Can you choose the correct player and birthplace?
    Tony Solaita, American Samoa
    Mike Lum, Hawaii
    Tony Solaita, Hawaii
    Mike Lum, American Samoa

10. No quiz about the 2003 Blue Jays would be complete without mentioning number 32, Cy Young Award winner Roy Halladay. Over the years, several other right-handers have worn 32 on their uniforms, but can you choose which one of the following did NOT?
    Dave Stieb
    Jack Kucek
    Don Kirkwood
    Jackson Todd

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Compiled Jun 28 12