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A Two-Ply History

Created by trident

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Toilets & Toilet Paper
A TwoPly History game quiz
"The history of toilet paper "rolled" into one quiz."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In the Roman empire, which of the following was most popularly used and is now replaced by modern toilet paper?
    a stick with a wet sponge attached to it
    printed pieces of paper with the emperor's name on them
    specialized pieces of silk that were continually washed
    a cloth much like that of a handkerchief

2. In many societies, why was it considered correct for people to use their left hand while using toilet paper?
    when meeting or eating with others, you were to only use your right hand
    left-handedness was considered an inferior complex
    restrooms were situated so that the left hand was easier to use
    as societies warred, the right hand was to be always occupied with a weapon

3. When Scott brand toilet paper was first introduced, it was considered a medical item for what reason?
    it helped lower consumer embarrassment
    only hospitals had used rolled toilet paper previously
    the toilet paper was medicated with chemicals
    its original purpose was for cleaning wounds

4. What was the most common item used in colonial America that is now replaced by modern toilet paper?
    tobacco leaves
    corn cobs

5. A major toilet paper shortage happened in 1970s' USA. How did this shortage come to be?
    a late night host joked about a "shortage" and a rampage ensued
    entire shipments of toilet paper were ruined because of the discovery that manufacturers were using dangerous chemicals
    new reports of overall paper shortage sent the raging public to the stores
    legislation over clear cutting scared manufacturers into leaking false information to the public

6. What special feature did the Old Farmer's Almanac have that made it distinguishable as a source of toilet paper?
    a hole in the corner to hang it from the outhouse door for easy access
    soft page surface for extra comfort
    perforated edges to tear it from the binding
    easily disintegrated in water

7. In 1935, what did Northern Tissue advertise their toilet paper as to get more people to buy it?
    "Safe for Septic Systems"
    "Now comes in two-ply"
    "Colored and Patterned"

8. What new feature did Charmin toilet paper have beginning in 1932?
    four-roll economy pack
    two-ply and three-ply toilet paper, the latter a failure
    sheets layered with lotion
    toilet paper with a selection of numerous designs

9. Why was Kimberly-Clark awarded with an award of excellence by the U.S. government?
    for keeping levels of pollution lower by introducing septic safe toilet paper
    U.S. tanks were disguised with toilet paper in the Gulf War
    a consumer awards committee believed they had adequately supplied the population
    for heroic effort in supplying soldiers in World War II

10. In 1996, there was a "Toilet Paper Tax" in the U.S. By how much did the cost of each roll of toilet paper increase?
    six cents
    one half of a cent
    twelve cents
    three cents

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