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Famous Monarchs

Created by iammyself

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Royalty & Monarchs
Famous Monarchs game quiz
"There have been rulers whose names we'll never know. Some however, became (in)famous and are remembered. I tried to cover as many periods and cultures as I could in a short quiz."

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1. "I am possibly one of the best known people, even over a millennium after my death. I am of Macedonian origin, and was one of the greatest conquerors of all time."
    Alexander the Great
    Darius the Wise
    Cyrus the Great
    Phyladelphus the Conquerer

2. "I was King of England and had more than one wife. I made myself head of the church after I was refused a divorce."
    King Henry VII
    King Phillip VII
    King Phillip IV
    King Henry VIII

3. "I was a Mongolian Leader, and I ordered the deaths of thousands upon thousands of people, mostly innocent of any crime. I am the grandfather of someone by the name of Kublai, and my initials are G.K."
    Genh Khiskhan
    Genghis Khan
    George King
    Ginh Kiskhan

4. "I was a great King of Persia, arguably the greatest of all time, as my title suggests. In my rule, people lived happily. By some, I was considered a prophet. Remnants of the first ever charter of rights and freedoms that I created still exist to this day."
    Darius the Greatest
    Xerxes II the Magnificent
    Cyrus the Great
    Darius IV

5. "I was the last Czar of Russia. I was overthrown in the early twentieth century by a revolution. Within less than two years I, along with my family, were murdered by a firing squad, though some believe my youngest daughter survived".
    Czar Nicholas I
    Czar Alexander III
    Czar Nicholas II
    Czar Alexander I

6. "I am possibly the most famous of all rulers of Rome, and Shakespeare wrote a play with my name as the title. In addition, a month was named after me."
    Caesar Augustus
    Julius Caesar

7. "Some dispute my existence, and I am most famous for pulling a magical sword called Excalibur from a stone. Who am I?"
    King Arthur Pengryffin
    King Arthur Pyngriffin
    King Richard Pyngriffin
    King Arthur Pendragon

8. "I was a great French conquerer, to my nation I am a great national hero. I might have conquered the world had my army not lost at the battle of Waterloo. Who am I?"
    Louis XIV
    Charles de Gaulle
    Napoleon Bonaparte
    Louis XVIII

9. "I was a great king of Russia, as my name suggests. I am credited with bring Russia out of medieval times so that at my death, Russia was one of the main European powers. I lived in the late 17th and early 18th centuries."
    Nikolai the Great
    Aleksandr the Great
    Peter the Great
    Mikhail the Great

10. "I became King of one of the most famous and powerful nations of all time. My civilisation helped science and mathematics enormously. I ascended the throne when I was only nine years old, however. My people called me pharaoh, but to outsiders I may be the most famous king of all. My actual name is 11 letters long, but I am more affectionately known as King ______".
    Ramses the Great
    Ramses II

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