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Charles Darwin

Created by aearluin

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Charles Darwin
Charles Darwin game quiz
"Charles Darwin, the great British scientist who changed the way we look at life, revolutionized the history of science forever. How well do you know his story?"

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1. Young Charles was born in Shrewsbury, England. When?
    12 February 1908
    12 February 1809
    12 February 1821
    12 February 1799

2. One of his close relatives was also a naturalist, and someone who defended the idea of evolution. Who was it?
    Oswald Darwin, cousin
    Josiah Wedgwood, grandfather
    Erasmus Darwin, brother
    Erasmus Darwin, grandfather

3. In 1825, Darwin went to college, to study medicine. At which university did he study?

4. Before setting out on his great voyage in the "Beagle", which occupation was he expected to enter?
    Geology teacher
    Rural cleric
    Biology teacher

5. The captain of the "Beagle" came to be a good friend of Darwin, although their opinions were usually the opposite. What was the captain's name?
    Captain Robert Fitzroy
    Captain Adam Sedgwick
    Captain John Barlow
    Captain Richard Burrows

6. What was the acknowledged short title of Darwin's ground-breaking book, in which he presented his theory of evolution?
    Natural Selection
    How Species Came to Be
    On the Origin of Species
    The Evolution of Life

7. The work of a famous geologist was fundamental to Darwin's theory of evolution. Who was that geologist?
    Charles Lindbergh
    Alfred Wallace
    Richard Owen
    Charles Lyell

8. The man who invented the word "Dinosaurus" (dinosaur) was a great critic of Darwin's theory. Who was this?
    John Henslow
    Asa Gray
    Richard Owen
    Thomas Henry Huxley

9. While Darwin was slowly writing his most famous book, another scientist developed a theory of evolution that was almost identical to the one defended by Darwin. Who was this scientist?
    John Henslow
    Alfred Russell Wallace
    Thomas Henry Huxley
    Jonathan Stevens

10. Darwin wrote a book about the origin of man, which was as controversial as "On the Origin of Species". What was the title?
    How Man Descended from Monkeys
    From the Jungle to the City, a Story of Natural Selection
    The Human Primate
    The Descent of Man and Selection in Relation to Sex

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