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Milwaukee Braves

Created by Dizart

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Milwaukee Braves game quiz
"A few questions on the Braves' short but eventful stay in Milwaukee."

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1. Which city did the Braves call home before relocating to Milwaukee for the 1953 season?

2. The Braves' first game in Milwaukee took place on April 14th, 1953, versus which team?
    New York Giants
    Pittsburgh Pirates
    Cincinnati Reds
    St Louis Cardinals

3. Which stadium did the Braves call home during their tenure in Milwaukee?
    Miller Park
    Lloyd Street Park
    Braves Field
    County Stadium

4. Who took over as manager from Charlie Grimm 46 games into the 1956 season, and led them to World Series glory the following year?
    Tommy Holmes
    Bobby Bragan
    Chuck Dressen
    Fred Haney

5. The Braves won their first World Series for 43 years in 1957. Who were their series opponents?
    New York Yankees
    Baltimore Orioles
    Boston Red Sox
    Detroit Tigers

6. Who was the MVP of the 1957 World Series?
    Eddie Matthews
    Frank Torre
    Hank Aaron
    Lew Burdette

7. Who played in the most games for the Milwaukee Braves?
    Hank Aaron
    Eddie Matthews
    Bill Bruton
    Del Crandall

8. Which pitcher won the most games for the Milwaukee Braves?
    Warren Spahn
    Tony Cloninger
    Lew Burdette
    Don McMahon

9. The largest crowd for a Braves home game in Milwaukee was 48,642 versus which team?
    San Francisco Giants
    Chicago Cubs
    Los Angeles Dodgers
    Philadelphia Phillies

10. Amazingly, despite never having a losing season in Milwaukee, crowd numbers slumped in the early 1960s. In 1965, the owners announced that they would be relocating the team in time for the 1966 season. Which southern city was to be their new home?
    New Orleans

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