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Top Ten Best-Sellers

Created by MotherGoose

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Top Ten BestSellers game quiz
"Surely no-one can identify the top ten best-selling books of all time but this quiz is based on the list in Russel Ash's book, "The Top 10 of Everything 2002". This list is generally agreed upon by many sources including Booksellers World."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. We will never know how many copies this book has sold but virtually all sources agree that it is by far the best-selling book of all time.
    Webster's Dictionary
    The Bible
    Guinness Book of Records
    Oxford English Dictionary

2. This book could not fail to become a best-seller considering its purchase was made compulsory by its author. Which book is the second best-seller?
    "The Communist Manifesto" (Karl Marx)
    "The Essential Works of Lenin"
    "Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse Tung"
    "Mein Kampf" (Adolf Hitler)

3. Noah Webster wrote the third best-selling book. What was its title?
    American Dictionary of the English Language
    Dissertation on the English Language
    American Spelling Book
    An American Version of the King James Bible

4. A favourite source of trivia, the idea for this book was conceived in 1954 in an argument over which British game bird flew the fastest.
    The Guinness Book of Records
    The Peoples' Almanac
    The Book of Lists
    The World Almanac

5. According to its own publicity, this best-selling reference book is "the best-selling U.S. reference book of all time, with more than 80 million copies sold since it was first published in 1868".
    Poor Richard's Almanac
    The World Almanac
    Roget's Thesaurus
    American Heritage Dictionary

6. These best-selling American schoolbooks covered a wide variety of academic subjects and also emphasised lofty moral values.
    Elson-Grey Readers
    Readers' Digest Elementary School Primers
    McGuffey 's Eclectic Readers
    Dick and Jane Readers

7. Which author has written the seventh book in the Top Ten Best-Sellers list, and has also won an Olympic gold medal AND run for president of the United States?
    Benjamin Spock
    Allan Keyes
    Dale Carnegie
    Jesse Jackson

8. Number eight on the Top Ten list is a somewhat obscure book called "A Message to Garcia". Its subject was labour relations and work ethics. Who was its author?
    Elbert Hubbard
    Herbert Hoover
    L. Ron Hubbard
    Hoyt Wheeler

9. The ninth best-seller on the Top Ten list is called "In His Steps". Whose steps are referred to in this title?
    Martin Luther
    Jesus Christ

10. This steamy novel, full of sex and drugs, was first published in 1966. Surprisingly, its sales figures narrowly beat those of classics such as "Gone with the Wind" and "To Kill A Mockingbird" to make the list.
    "The Happy Hooker (Xaviera Hollander)
    "The Valley of the Dolls" (Jacqueline Susann)
    "Peyton Place" (Grace Metalious)
    "The Carpetbaggers" (Harold Robbins)

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Compiled Jun 28 12