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Biographies in the Movies II

Created by thejazzkickazz

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Biographies in the Movies II game quiz
"One of the most popular movie forms is the biopic, aka movie biography. Some biopics have been fantastic epics, others not quite so great. This quiz indiscriminately covers them all...good luck!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Oliver Stone's 2004 epic film 'Alexander' depicts the life and times of which famed Alexander of history?
    Alexander Graham Bell
    Alexander Rublev
    Czar Alexander I of Russia
    Alexander the Great

2. In 2001, a film about the life of Muhammad Ali arrived in theaters. Which actor took a swing at playing the role of the famed boxing champ?
    Cuba Gooding Jr.
    Jamie Foxx
    Will Smith
    Denzel Washington

3. The 1969 film 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid' killed two birds with one stone by portraying the lives of both legendary western outlaws. Which pair of actors portrayed these two icons of the 19th century?
    Paul Newman and Robert Redford
    Burt Lancaster and Montgomery Clift
    Marlon Brando and George Kennedy
    Warren Beatty and Richard Gere

4. In 1980, movie viewers were treated to a lovely little performance by Sissy Spacek in the biographical film 'Coal Miner's Daughter'. Which country/western singer did Spacek portray in the film?
    Patsy Cline
    Loretta Lynn
    Tammy Wynette
    Minnie Pearl

5. What was the surname of the classic Hollywood movie actress portrayed by Jessica Lange in the 1982 film 'Frances'?

6. One of my favorite sports biographies was a 1942 film depicting the short but accomplished life of Lou Gehrig. What is the title of this movie that features Gary Cooper in the lead role?
    The Lou Gehrig Story
    From Rags to Riches
    The Iron Horse
    Pride of the Yankees

7. 'Papillon' is the story of a man who has been condemned to serve the rest of his life in a wretched place, namely a prison in French Guiana. Portrayed by Steve McQueen, what is the name of the lead character and author of the book upon which the film is based?
    Louis Dega
    Henri Charrière
    Robert Chatal
    André Jory

8. Charlie Chaplin has appeared as a character in various films, but none that tell his life story as completely as the 1992 film 'Chaplin', featuring which actor in a very able performance?
    Corey Haim
    Anthony Michael Hall
    Robert Downey Jr.
    Charlie Sheen

9. What is the name of the 1989 movie that attempts to tell the story of the tragic life of the talented comedic actor John Belushi?
    Freaked Out
    Dazed and Confused
    Postcards from the Edge

10. What is the name of the boxing star whose life is put under scrutiny in the classic 1980 film 'Raging Bull'?
    Rocky Marciano
    Jake La Motta
    Floyd Patterson
    Sugar Ray Robinson

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Compiled Jun 28 12