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Christmas Music - In Other Words

Created by thejazzkickazz

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Christmas Music  In Other Words game quiz
"This quiz features some of the all-time classic Christmas songs with their titles reworded. You may find it challenging, but nonetheless... have fun and good luck!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Which of these songs could be entitled 'A Duodecad of Twenty-Four-Hour Periods Devoted to the Mass of Christ' if some out-of-control etymologist had his way?
    Christmas Day is Coming
    Twelve Days of Christmas
    The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
    Christmas Time

2. Let us say, for the sake of fun, that a true word-nerd were allowed to rename each Christmas song. Which song might then be renamed 'Light, Mellow Resonant Sounds Emanating from Hollow Metallic Objects, Shaped Like Inverted Cups'?
    Answer: (Two words (no 'silver'))

3. Our dictionary elves have been working overtime for this quiz. For which popular song have they come up with the fresh new title, 'Do Not Impede or Forbid in Any Case the Occurrence of Frozen Atmospheric Water Vapor Descending Lightly upon the Earth's Surface'?
    Winter Wonderland
    Step into Christmas
    Sleigh Ride
    Let it Snow!

4. Which festive individual would be unhappy with the Christmas song title 'Festoon the Elongated, Walled Enclosures Used Typically for Passage'? Apparently, for one, the person who chose which actual name for the tune?
    Hang the Mistletoe
    I'll be Home for Christmas
    Deck the Halls
    Under the Tree

5. Don't be sad if the Christmas song 'Azure Nativity' received a more familiar title, namely...?
    Red Christmas
    White Christmas
    Blue Christmas
    Green Christmas

6. 'Argent-Colored, Suspended Metal Tubes Found in a Campanile' is an admittedly cumbersome renaming of which delicate Christmas classic?
    Answer: (Two Words (...every cloud has this lining?))

7. 'Xmas of the Initial, Ordinal, Arithmetical Value', that's a mouthful. I would be all for going with that fancified name over the chosen title for which Christmas favorite?
    All Alone for Christmas
    Only on Christmas
    Twelve Days of Christmas
    The First Noel

8. Let's go crazy. Which classic Christmas song should be renamed 'Appreciative Feelings of Great Pleasure or Euphoria Bestowed in the Direction of a Cerulean-Hued Globe Rotating at the Approximate Distance of an Astronomical Unit around the Sun' if we get our way?
    Answer: (Four Words (Happily contemplate this one for a bit.))

9. Okay, back to reality. I'm quite certain that players of this quiz will find the title 'A Nocturnal Unit of Time Sans Acoustical Accompaniment' a perfectly reasonable replacement for which beloved Christmas carol?
    Answer: (Two Words (Take a quiet moment and think about it.))

10. Finally, may I suggest the bland but effective title 'Yule-Related Musical Composition' in place of the equally bland original name for which popular Christmas song made famous by Nat King Cole?
    Jingle Bell Rock
    Merry Christmas, Darling
    Christmas Time
    The Christmas Song

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Compiled Jun 28 12