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The QWERTYUIOP Quiz - Top Line Words.

Created by musicmonkeyman

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Letters in Common - Keyboard Games
The QWERTYUIOP Quiz  Top Line Words game quiz
"All of these words can be made using just the top line of letters on your computer keyboard. Given the definition can you discover the QWERTYUIOP word?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What is this five letter word?

Substance that holds glass in window frame.
    Answer: (One Word - Noun)

2. This is a five letter word:

Form words on paper, by hand.
    Answer: (One Word - Verb)

3. What is this six letter word?

Pungent seasoning condiment.
    Answer: (One Word - Noun)

4. This word has five letters:

Group of soldiers.
    Answer: (One Word - Noun)

5. A word of just three letters:

Baked pastry case filled with fruit or meat.
    Answer: (One Word - Noun)

6. Here is a word of five letters:

A fish, most often found in freshwater.
    Answer: (One Word - Noun)

7. This word has six letters:

A small or slender female is described as being this.
    Answer: (One Word - Adjective)

8. What is this five letter word?

No noise.
    Answer: (One Word - Adjective)

9. This word has five letters:

Amusing and clever person is this.
    Answer: (One Word - Adjective)

10. Here is a word of seven letters:

Bowls and vases made from clay.
    Answer: (One Word - Noun)

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Compiled Jun 28 12