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Fun History II

Created by trojan11

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Fun History II game quiz
"In this fun quiz you need to guess the identity or trait of the person concerned simply by reading what he/she says in the first person. A date or place name will be provided along with a give-away line or two. Enjoy!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. "Oh dear. I certainly don't feel too 'Great' at the moment. I drink too much but, then, I'm always stressed. I've got a fever and I'm sinking fast. I'm not too worried really. Although still young, I've packed an awful lot into my 32 years and frankly, I'm worn out. Anyway, Babylon's not such a bad place to die. Who am I?".

2. "My name is Pyrrhus and I was born in 319 B.C. You all know what I did to the Romans. But since I was a boy what was it that I could do that would put fear into men's hearts?"
    Cast Spells

3. December 7, 1815. Carrefour de l'Observatoire, Jardins du Luxembourg.

"Would you believe it? Talk about out of the frying pan and into the fire! As a Marshal of France I've given loyal service for years, fought a hundred battles - all to end up being shot by a firing squad. So be it. I shall give the order to fire, myself!"

4. August 22, 1485: England. "Have I got the Hump? Too right I have. Look at 'em all on that hill. I'm in a spot of bother, to say the least, and all they can do is sit there and wait to see what happens. Treachery - treason! The vile dogs! Do they honestly think that that Welsh twit is going to be a better King? Those big chaps with the pikes don't look too friendly. Oh well, nothing to do but go down fighting. Who am I?"
    Richard III
    John of Gaunt
    Richard II
    Henry II

5. American Civil War. "I drive my men hard. I will not tolerate even the slightest deviation from my orders. Call me a martinet if you will, what do I care? I am brilliant, eccentric and above all, successful. However, at times I suffer from a strange lethargy. I have been known to fall asleep for long periods of time when my orders have been needed and my participation in battle essential. People seem to find it strange that I suck on fresh lemons."
    General Hood
    General Lee
    General Jackson
    General Pemberton

6. England in the early 13th century. "I really am completely fed up. I've just lost everything. My war chest, my crown jewels, even my personal spending money. Would you believe it, I lost it all in the Wash!"
    King Henry I
    Prince Albert
    King Richard I
    King John I

7. Rome 192AD. "My education was superb and my father was one of the finest emperors ever. But I must be honest. I am bone idle, rather cowardly, and all in all a rather nasty piece of work. I should have lasted a little longer. After all, I targeted persons not subjects in general. You have probably guessed that I am Commodus. But do you know who succeeded me?"

8. 1863. "I am Emperor of Mexico but I'm having terrible trouble with the language. There's a war going on between my neighbours in the North. If France gets involved, then I'll have to get involved, but France won't get involved unless England gets involved and they're not too sure. Oh dear. I was so much happier at home. Who am I?"
    Maximilian I
    Frederick II
    Napoleon III
    Louis XV

9. "I'll admit that I was in a strange frame of mind when I wrote these lines: 'I want to howl, roar, shriek, bawl with rapture at the thought that we are living in the days of the most glorious, one and only, incomparable Stalin! Our breath,our blood, our life - here, take it, O, great Stalin.' I know, a little over the top but it went down a treat. Who am I?"
    Milovan Djilas
    Alexei Tolstoy
    Nikita Khruschev
    Svetlana Stalin

10. 1807-1870. "Some people say that I was a genius. Others that I was audacious. Most say that I was a gentleman at all times and rarely if ever displayed my anger, not even at those who were all too frequently thoroughly prima-donna type subordinates. I won when I shouldn't have, and I lost when I might have won. Deep down I was a fanatic when it came to the defence of my state. Above all, I despised 'those' people. Who am I?"
    Ulysses Grant
    Robert. E. Lee
    William. T. Sherman
    Jefferson Davies

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Compiled Jun 28 12