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Batman: The Killing Joke

Created by stuthehistoryguy

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Batman The Killing Joke game quiz
"Originally published in 1988, Alan Moore's "The Killing Joke" (drawn by Brian Bolland) was a turning point for Batman as a character, and arguably for comics as a whole."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. "The Killing Joke" opens with Batman visiting the Joker in Arkham Asylum, Gotham City's repository for its most dangerous criminals. Why has Batman come to see the Joker?
    The Joker has orchestrated the kidnapping of a young girl, and Batman has come to talk the Joker into revealing her whereabouts
    Batman did not come to see the Joker - he came to see Harvey Dent (Two-Face) and found the Joker in Dent's cell
    The Joker is awaiting execution, and Batman wants him to confess to a long-ago murder
    He is afraid that, if their feud continues, he will kill the Joker, and he does not want murder on his hands

2. To carry out the plot that forms the backbone of this story, the Joker purchases a rundown amusement park. How does he pay for the park?
    With an inheritance from an aquaintance of years gone by
    With money diverted from Wayne Enterprises via computer piracy
    He doesn't; he murders the owners after coercing one of them to sign over the deed
    With gold stolen from a shipment in Gotham harbor

3. During a series of flashbacks, we learn how the Joker came to be. In the weeks prior to taking up a life of crime, what was the Joker's chosen profession?
    Fire Fighter
    Police Officer

4. In perhaps the story's most shocking turn, the Joker kidnaps Commissioner Jim Gordon, intending to drive him insane as an object lesson. What major recurring character does the Joker shoot during the abduction, severing the victim's spinal cord?
    Barbara (Batgirl) Gordon
    Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne's butler
    Dick (Robin) Grayson
    Mogo, of the Green Lantern Corps

5. As we return to the series of flashbacks, we learn that the man who would become the Joker (his name is never disclosed in the story) was recruited by a gang to rob his former place of employment. As part of the gang's strategy, the Joker is coerced into assuming a putative "super-villain" identity. What guise is this?
    The Red Hood
    The Clown
    The Toymaster

6. As the flashbacks conclude, we learn that Batman foiled the Joker's first foray into crime. Which of these events on that day seemingly pushed the Joker into irreversible madness?
    All of these happened to him
    His wife died in a freak accident
    Batman knocked the Joker into a vat of chemicals. Though he escaped, the Joker found his skin and hair permanently dyed their characteristic colors.
    His firstborn child died in the womb

7. The Joker intends to drive Commissioner Gordon mad to prove, as he says, that "all it takes is one bad day to drive the sanest man alive to lunacy". Which of these are among the traumas the Joker inflicts on Gordon?
    Pictures of his daughter naked and crippled
    Being stripped and chained to a rickety rollercoaster
    All of these
    Shocks with a cattle prod delivered by circus freaks

8. In tracking down the Joker, Batman refers to the therapist's notes from the Joker's stay at Arkham wherein the Clown Prince has confided the story of his "one bad day".

9. By the time Batman rescues Commissioner Gordon, he is thoroughly shattered by the Joker's tortures. Batman remarks that it may take years for Gordon to regain his mental health.

10. At the end of the story, having effectively subdued the Joker, Batman offers that "it doesn't have to be this way" and that the Joker may be still be able to return to a relatively normal life - with Batman's personal assistance. The Joker sadly retorts that it is far too late for that, that madness is his only way to escape the insanity of normal life, and concludes by telling Batman a morbid joke about "two guys in a lunatic asylum". Batman's predictable initial response is to stare impassively. How does Batman then react?
    He turns away and mutters "Madmen!" as the police arrive
    He chuckles, then ends up laughing heartily
    He takes the Joker's gun, brings it to the killer clown's head, and is still holding that posture as the story ends
    He finishes the Joker with a right cross

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