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"Bloom County" Reminiscence

Created by jeffwm

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Bloom County Reminiscence game quiz
"This is my first quiz, so it had to be "Bloom County". It offers a tour of what I think are some of the more charming aspects of the comic strip, including its whimsical characters and outrageous misadventures. Enjoy."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What is the name of the heavy metal band that Steve Dallas organizes?
    Billy and the Bloomers
    The Scum Monkeys

2. Where can one find dandelion patches?
    Steve's Garden
    Rosebud's Greenhouse
    Portnoy's Paddock
    Milo's Meadow

3. What character does Hodge-Podge play when pretending to serve as a crew member aboard the starchair Enterpoop?

4. During a campaign for the presidency of the United States of America in 1984, presidential candidate Bill the Cat abandons the campaign. What happens next?
    Bill the Cat fakes his death and relocates to Switzerland
    Bill the Cat's friends rescue him from a cult known as the Rajneeshees
    Rosebud replaces Bill the Cat in the campaign and wins the election
    F.B.I. agents arrest Bill the Cat and charge him with counterfeiting campaign funds

5. What is NOT true about Lola Granola?
    She accepts Opus' marriage proposal
    She sues Steve Dallas
    She is an artist
    She is a vegetarian

6. What is Steve Dallas' occupation?
    software engineer
    attorney at law

7. What event becomes known as the Great LaRouche Toad-Frog Massacree?
    Hodge-Podge decides to subsist entirely on a diet of toad and frog legs
    The United States Department of Wildlife accidentally sends a load of toads and frogs to Bill the Cat
    A territorial dispute results in a battle between toad and frog populations
    Portnoy ravishes the North Meadow pond with a fully automatic rifle

8. Portnoy is what type of animal?

9. During the Billy and the Boingers world tour of 1987, the members of Billy and the Boingers lodge in a motel in New Mexico where Bill the Cat hosts a party. At the party, what reason does Opus offer to explain his wearing a toga fashioned from wallpaper?
    Bill the Cat flushed the sheets down the toilet back around 1:30 am
    He is trying to impress his girlfriend, Lola Granola
    He is under the influence of fermented herrings
    His friends glued the wallpaper to him while he was unconscious

10. When a frantic Steve Dallas leaps up and down on the shut lid of a toilet in which Opus is hiding, Opus phones the police. He informs them that "the TY-D-Bowl is irritating his buttocks." What undertaking resulted in this misadventure?
    Steve Dallas was assisting Opus in an effort to lose weight
    Opus was attempting to retrieve Steve Dallas' fraternity ring from the plumbing
    Steve Dallas was attempting to convince Opus that Santa Claus exists
    Opus was assisting Steve Dallas in an effort to quit smoking cigarettes cold turkey

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Compiled Jun 28 12