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A Thoroughly Ridiculous Quiz

Created by uglybird

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Language Use
A Thoroughly Ridiculous Quiz game quiz
"No! Silly is NOT good enough. To prosper in this quiz you're going to have to be downright ridiculous. This might be easier in the "Flash" mode."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Just how ridiculous am I? I'm the absurd sort of person who when doing this kind of quiz heads straight for the dictionary to find the word's origin. Based on the origin of the word "ridiculous", which historical figure might have called me "ridiculus" in his/her native tongue?

2. Imagine I'm back in the culture where the word "ridiculous" originated, and someone calls me "ridiculus". If I fit that description, and you see me, what should you do?
    Hit me in the face with a banana cream pie
    Get rid of me
    Poke me full of holes

3. While we're still in the dictionary, how about some good ol' ridiculous synonyms? Which of the following is not ridiculous?
    They're all ridiculous

4. Right. This is getting a bit... ridiculous. But I just can't leave my dictionary yet. If you were one of those ancients who spoke the language from which "ridiculous" came, and you told a "ridiculum", what would you have told?
    A tall tale
    A joke
    A lie
    A fib

5. Leaving the womblike security of my dictionary, I venture into the Bard's realm. Here we find one Don Adriano de Armado maligned as being "ridiculous and thrasonical". Armado is so accused as he labors to avoid the loss of his love in what well-known Shakespeare play?
    Love's Labours Lost
    Pericles, Prince of Tyre
    King John

6. What do you suppose would happen if a desperate quiz author went hunting for ridiculous websites on Google. Which of the following topics would be missing?
    None would be missing
    Ridiculous fish
    Ridiculous - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Absolutely Ridiculous English Spelling!

7. Searching for ridiculous websites you find yourself at the "ridiculous fish" website. There the ridiculous fish is wearing a facial appliance made up of glasses, a big nose and a black mustache. Which comedian is most likely being alluded to?
    Bill Cosby
    Jack Benny
    Groucho Marx
    Bob Hope

8. According to "", English has 44 separate sounds. The number of ways we spell these 44 sounds is truly ridiculous. How many ways have we ridiculous English spellers come up with for spelling our language's 44 sounds?
    More than 1000

9. OK, honestly now. Are you one of those people who thinks Ms Rowling indulges her ridiculous side writing those Harry Potter books?. Would it really be too ridiculous to ask you to spell the spell that Harry must use to banish a Boggart? If not, which of the following is the spelling Ms Rowling used for her Boggart banishing spell?

10. The time has come for a sober question on a ridiculous topic. According to Voltaire, whereas "doubt is uncomfortable" what is "ridiculous"?

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Compiled Jun 28 12