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The Client

Created by 7E-NAN-7E

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Grisham, John
The Client game quiz
"This is an easy quiz on 'The Client' by John Grisham."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. When Mark and Ricky first saw the black car, what were they doing?
    playing hide and seek
    playing tag

2. What type of cigarettes did Dianne smoke?
    Virginia Slims

3. What was the nickname of Barry Muldano?
    The Blade
    The Hatchet
    The Knife
    The Gangster

4. Who were the two main FBI agents of the story?
    Larry McThune and Jason Trumann
    Jason McThune and Larry Truman
    Clint McThune and Roy Trumann
    Denton McThune and K.O. Trumann

5. Who was Mark's lawyer?
    Answer: (Two Words)

6. Whom did Barry Muldanno murder?
    K.O. Lewis
    Harry Roosevelt
    Roy Foltrigg
    Boyd Boyette

7. Who were the three men who attempted to dig up Boyette's body?
    Bull, Leo, Ionucci
    Leo, Bull and Gronke
    Gronke, Sulari and Bull
    Ionucci, Sulari and Bull

8. Where did Mark Sway hide after he escaped jail?
    The Emergency Room
    The Linen Closet
    The Pyschiatric Ward
    The Morgue

9. Who were Jerome Clifford's neighbors?
    The McThune's
    The Foltrigg's
    The Ballentine's
    he had none

10. What was Ricky's room number?
    Answer: (number - no letters!)

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Compiled Apr 03 14