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Go Left

Created by stardaisy

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Go Left game quiz
"If you are left-handed, you're in good company."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Which U.S. President was NOT left-handed?
    George W. Bush
    Harry S. Truman
    James Garfield
    Bill Clinton

2. In tennis many superstars have been left-handed. Which player was NOT a lefty?
    Jimmy Conners
    Rod Laver
    Pete Sampras
    John McEnroe

3. Which historical world leader was left-handed?
    Napoleon Bonaparte
    Julius Caesar
    Alexander the Great
    All of these

4. The art world is full of left-handers. Which of these artists was right-handed?
    Claude Monet
    Da Vinci
    M.C. Escher

5. Which U.S. Vice President was left-handed?
    Richard Nixon
    Nelson Rockefeller
    Dan Quayle
    Al Gore

6. Several famous Olympic athletes are left-handed. Which is NOT?
    Eric Heiden
    Mark Spitz
    Dorothy Hamill
    Greg Louganis

7. Which of these famous musicians was NOT a left-handed?
    Paul McCartney
    George Harrison
    Jimi Hendrix
    George Michael

8. Many of the world's great comedians and comediannes have been lefties. Which of these funny people was NOT a lefty?
    Carol Burnett
    Whoopi Goldberg
    Charlie Chaplin
    Bob Hope

9. Many of film's leading ladies are lefties. Which is NOT?
    Julia Roberts
    Halle Berry
    Angelina Jolie
    Nicole Kidman

10. Which of Hollywood's sexy leading men was left handed?
    Clark Gable
    Jimmy Stewart
    Henry Fonda
    Cary Grant

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Compiled Jun 28 12