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How to Roleplay

Created by gingerpuppy

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How to Roleplay game quiz
"Roleplaying is an online game played by many kids on the internet. This quiz will teach you, or test your knowledge on how to roleplay. It will use specific examples from Erin Hunter's books, 'Warriors'."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Roleplaying is where you create a character and write things about that character. Your character can interact with characters that other people have created. Together you create a plot involving the character(s) you roleplay. OOC: is used often in roleplaying. What does OOC: stand for?
    Out of character
    Out of conversation
    Out of creating
    Outgoing conversation

2. After using OOC:, if you want to go back to creating the story with other people, you type BIC: What does BIC: stand for?
    Back in character
    Background in conversation
    Back in conversation
    Back in creating

3. There are many abbreviations used in roleplaying other than OOC: and BIC:. What does the word 'charries' mean?

4. There are some things you shouldn't do in roleplaying, that are usually against the rules. Some roleplay sites can be bad, so be careful when looking up sites to roleplay on. One rule that most sites state is that no pping is allowed. What does pp stand for?
    Petty primping
    Personal play

5. A very commonly used abbreviation is 'rp'. What does 'rp' stand for?
    Real people

6. Some general things you might want to know are terms used often in IMing (instant messaging). Some people may prefer not to use these, but many people use this when roleplaying so it is a good thing to know. What does brb,bbl,g2g, and btw mean?
    Be real baby, bout baiting later, go to green, bet that's why
    Be right back, be back later, go to geology, bet that's why
    Be right back, be back later, got to go, by the way
    Be right back, be back later, got to go, bet that's why

7. What does 'rl' mean?
    Right liar
    Reading liability
    Red liar
    Real life

8. There are many different types of roleplaying sites. There's some about animals, people, knights, and many more. What do most roleplaying sites focus on, or what genre are they?
    Historical Fiction

9. There are many roleplay sites, but few are extremely famous. This site was one of the first ever created; it is a fantasy site and was created in the 1970s. This site was created by Gary Gygax and David Arneson. What was the name of the roleplay site?
    Drake and Danny
    Fantastic World of Fantasies
    Dudes and Dudettes
    Dungeons and Dragons

10. One of the most commonly played role-playing systems is the D20 system. Which has NOT been an officially supported setting available for this system?
    Medieval fantasy
    Future / science fiction
    Alternate modern world
    Stone age

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Compiled Apr 15 14