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So You Want to Be a Human Lab Rat?

Created by deputygary

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So You Want to Be a Human Lab Rat game quiz
"Are you willing to donate your body to science--while you are still alive? Do you get a thrill out of having your body fluids analyzed? If so, you may have what it takes to be a human lab rat. Take this quiz and find out."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. You would be correct in assuming that universities need humans to perform experiments on. What other type of organization needs human lab rats?
    Mad scientists
    The US Army
    Manufacturing companies
    Worldwide service organizations like the Red Cross

2. Before you are allowed to volunteer to be a human lab rat, what kind of document will you be asked to sign?
    Liability waiver
    Next of kin notification form
    Insurance waiver
    Consent form

3. You would be surprised how many human lab rats are needed annually. Approximately how many human subjects are needed each year in the United States?

4. Being a human lab rat is not all cookies and genetically-enhanced cream. It can be dangerous. In 2006 a hospital in London engaged eight volunteers to test a new drug designed to fight rheumatoid arthritis and leukemia. Six of the subjects had violently negative reactions. A couple developed long-term problems. Which of the following is NOT a side effect suffered by a volunteer in this test?
    Loss of fingers
    Incoherent babbling
    Loss of consciousness

5. Any American university or college that wishes to use human lab rats needs to have its research overseen and approved by an Institutional Review Board, or IRB. The IRB is a local board. There is no set number of board members required. However at least one member of the board must have a scientific background and one member must have a non-scientific background. Which of the following would qualify to be a non-scientific board member?
    Clergyman or clergywoman
    All of these

6. The Belmont Report outlined three basic ethical principals academic institutions must follow when using human lab rats. When reviewing a request to conduct experiments on humans, the IRB will want evidence that these principles will be followed. Which of the following is one of the principles?
    Reasons why the testing needs to be done on humans instead of animals
    Fair and equitable selection of subjects
    Proof that the proposed sample size will be large enough for valid results
    Bonus pay for extra pain

7. If you want to make the most money per hour as a human lab rat, for which of the following should you volunteer?
    Physiological experiments
    Medical experiments
    Sleep studies
    Psychological experiments

8. In what type of experiment or study could you find yourself being a lab rat?
    Learning how to avoid a shock
    Rating classical music composed by computers
    Stress reduction study
    All of these

9. One type of medical experiment involving pharmaceuticals is called "double blind placebo trial." What is a double blind trial?
    One group receives the drug in a pill, another group receives the drug as a shot
    The subject is blindfolded before given either the drug or the placebo
    Neither the researcher nor the subject knows who received the real drug
    The subject is handed both the drug and the placebo, but the researcher is not allowed to see which he or she took

10. What Department of the US government is concerned with protecting the rights and welfare of human lab rats?
    Department of Education
    Department of Health and Human Services
    Department of Justice
    Department of the Interior Organs

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