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Civil War Tourism

Created by ben3

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Civil War Tourism game quiz
"For history buffs, nothing could be better than a historically theme-based vacation. I took a Civil-War themed vacation once, and it was great! This quiz tests your knowledge of Civil War sites that now are also good tourist destinations!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. You decide to begin your journey where the very first shots of the war were fired, at this site in Charleston, South Carolina.
    Fort Ticonderoga
    Morris Island
    Fort Moultrie
    Fort Sumter

2. From Charleston, you head west-by-northwest, and after half a day's driving you arrive at the city of Atlanta. After checking into your hotel, you peruse the tourist brochures at the hotel and come across one for a Civil War Museum that houses a huge 360-degree, cylindrical painting of the Battle of Atlanta. You can't resist. What are you about to visit?
    Atlanta Cyclodrome
    Atlanta Cyclodeum
    Atlanta Battle Cycle Painting
    Atlanta Cyclorama

3. After an enjoyable morning, you have lunch and hit the road again, heading for the Alabama-Tennessee border. You arrive in a small town in southern Tennessee that has a very important battlefield, site of the largest engagement in the Mississippi Valley campaign. The place derives its name from a Hebrew word that means "peace," ironically. What site are you about to visit?
    Shiloh National Military Park
    Appomatox Court House
    Fort Donelson National Battlefield
    Chickamauga National Battlefield

4. After a good night's sleep, you're refreshed and in the mood for some driving. You head east into the Appalachian mountains, finally emerging on the east side of them, in Virginia. You decide to visit the Confederate capital city, Richmond. While there, you visit a beautifully restored mansion that was once known as the Brockenbrough house. What is this house better known as today?
    Jefferson Davis birthplace
    Confederate White House
    Stonewall Jackson house
    Robert E. Lee College

5. After your visit in the former Confederate Capital city of Richmond, you head north, to this important site of the first major battle of the Civil War.
    Spotsylvania National Military Park
    Manassas National Battlefield
    Antietam National Battlefield
    Harpers Ferry National Historical Park

6. It's back to the highway with you, and you steer the car north. After a leisurely half-day drive, you end up in southern Maryland. There is a very important battle site here, the bloodiest one-day battle in American history. You imagine your next day's visit as you drift off to sleep. Where are you going tomorrow?
    Four Corners National Battlefield
    Fredericksburg National Military Park
    Gettysburg National Military Park
    Antietam National Battlefield

7. The next day, you take a short drive to the north, into Pennsylvania, to the most-visited of all the Civil War battle sites. The 3-day battle fought here proved to be the turning point of the war. Where are you?
    Appomatox Court House
    Gettysburg National Military Park
    Philadelphia Landing National Battlefield
    Three Corners National Military Park

8. After two unforgettable and moving days, you steer east, towards the nation's capital, Washington, D.C. Sticking to your theme, you zero in on one particular destination. The event that occurred at this site, the assassination of President Lincoln, put a definitive "period" on the end of the war. What is it?
    The White House
    US Capital building
    Ford's Theatre
    The Petersen house

9. After your stop in the nation's capital, you head back into Virginia to another very important site in a tiny town. This small hamlet is where General Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia was finally cornered, leading to Lee's surrender to Grant, and effectively ending the Civil War.
    Petersburg National Military Park
    Appomattox Station National Military Park
    Appomattox Court House National Historic Park
    Petersen Creek National Historic Park

10. The final destination of your tour is also the final destination for many thousands of the war's participants. You double back towards Washington, D.C. and arrive at this solemn final resting place for thousands of Civil War dead, which was once the residence of Robert E. Lee. What is it better known as now?
    Potomac National Cemetery
    Arlington National Cemetery
    American Battle Commission Cemetery
    Washington National Cemetery

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