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Playing the Villain

Created by markeasteadt

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Playing the Villain game quiz
"Similar to my Playing the Victim quiz, you must guess which actor or actress plays the villain mentioned in the question."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In "The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane," Jodie Foster plays a young girl with a secret. Who plays Jodie's creepy pedophile neighbor?
    David Carradine
    Dennis Hopper
    Martin Sheen
    Malcolm McDowell

2. In "Joyride," Paul Walker and Steve Zahn play brothers who are stalked by a mystery trucker after a CB prank gone horribly wrong. The trucker's CB handle is Rusty Nail. As we never see his face, which actor brings menace and fear to the audience with just his voice?
    Eric Roberts
    Morgan Freeman
    Anthony Hopkins
    Ted Levine

3. "Scream" throws a twist at the audience by having there be a pair of killers, Billy and Stu, instead of the lone psycho. Which actors play the murderous duo?
    Matthew Lillard and Skeet Ulrich
    David Boreanaz and James Marsden
    Jesse Bradford and Devon Sawa
    Jamie Kennedy and Timothy Olyphant

4. Linda Blair was nominated for an Academy Award for her portrayal of Regan Macneil in "The Exorcist." While she does a great job overall, it is someone else who actually gives voice to the demon. Who is this actress?
    Teri Garr
    Eileen Dietz
    Mercedes McCambridge
    Shirley Maclaine

5. While Jason Vorhees is known as the main killer in the "Friday the 13th" series, it is his mother Pamela Vorhees that is the killer in the original film. What actress plays Mrs. Vorhees?
    Bette Davis
    Betsy Palmer
    Nancy Allen
    Karen Allen

6. In the cult classic, "Tourist Trap," what actor plays the truly kooky owner of the title establishment?
    Lee Majors
    John Voight
    Burt Reynolds
    Chuck Connors

7. Dario Argento's "Phenomena" features Jennifer Connelly and what type of animal?
    A bear with super long claws
    A gorilla swinging a huge club
    An huge alligator
    A straight razor-wielding chimpanzee

8. Who plays the supremely creepy Tall Man, a mortician that controls the flying killer silver spheres in "Phantasm"?
    Richard Moll
    Angus Scrimm
    Edward Herrmann
    Tom Noonan

9. In "Carrie", who portrays Carrie's religious fanatic, overbearing, control-freak mother?
    Piper Laurie
    Piper Perabo
    Debbie Reynolds
    Joan Crawford

10. In "Silence of the Lambs" the main villain is Hannibal Lecter. Who portrays the secondary killer, Buffalo Bill?
    Ted Levine
    Scott Glenn
    Anthony Heald
    James Caan

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Compiled Jan 06 14