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Islam's Jesus

Created by skylarb

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Islams Jesus game quiz
"The Christian and Muslim views of Jesus have much in common despite some major differences. This quiz takes a look at how Jesus is presented in the Qur'an and Muslim tradition as compared to the Gospels and Christian tradition."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What is the name given to Jesus in the Qur'an?

2. Which of the following is not used to refer to Jesus in Islamic tradition?
    Son of Mary
    Son of God
    Word of God

3. Which of the following is Jesus said to have done in the Qur'an?
    Healed the blind and the leper
    All of these
    Preached to men in his cradle
    Risen the dead to life

4. In the Qur'an, Jesus is said to have breathed life into clay birds. Where is this tradition found in Christian literature?
    Infancy Gospel of Thomas
    The Coptic Gospel of Thomas
    Gospel of Mark
    Gospel of John

5. In the Qur'an, Jesus says that God should severely punish his disciples for perverting his message and saying that he taught that he was divine.

6. In Muslim eschatology, which role will Jesus not play in the end times?
    He will come again
    He will reveal that Islam is the true religion
    He will slay the anti-Christ
    He will judge all men

7. In al-Zuhd, Jesus says, "O Disciples, which of you can build a house on the waves of the sea?" What metaphor similar to "waves of the sea" does Jesus use in the Gospel of Matthew?
    the mountain
    the rocks
    the sand
    the hill

8. In the Hadith, Muhammad sees Jesus in a dream. How does Muhammad describe Jesus?
    With short black hair
    With long brown hair
    With no hair
    With red hair

9. What did Jesus come to do, according to the Qur'an?
    Neither of these
    To confirm the Torah
    To give news of the coming of Muhammad
    Both of these

10. In Islamic tradition, how many prophets were there between Jesus and Muhammad?

11. In the Gospel of John, Jesus prevents people from stoning a woman taken in adultery. A version of this story appears in al-Zuhd. How does it differ?
    Jesus himself casts the first stone because he is sinless
    Jesus grabs the woman and takes her to safety
    Jesus uses the sand to blind the eyes of those who would cast stones
    A man, not a woman, is the one taken in adultery

12. According to the Qur'an, where did Mary give birth to Jesus?
    Inside a dark cave
    In a house
    In a stable
    Under a palm tree

13. Which of the following is not a generally accepted Muslim view of Jesus?
    He was born of a virgin
    He ascended bodily to heaven
    He lived a sinless life
    He was crucified

14. In Hannad ibn al-Sariyy's Kitab al-Zuhd, when Jesus is raised to heaven, what's one of the things he leaves behind?
    A slingshot
    A wife
    A house
    A staff

15. The Qur'an teaches that Mary was a virgin and therefore Jesus was begotten of or sired by God.

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