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My Ignorance Of Literary Characters

Created by Erpistria

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My Ignorance Of Literary Characters game quiz
"I haven't read a single book in my life. In order to punish me, the Literature Fairy banished me to Charactersland, a strange country with odd citizens: each and every character that ever "lived" in literary works. Can you name some of them?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. When I was introduced to this guy and talked to him a bit, I noticed that he had a funny accent. "Are you French?" I asked him. He seemed deeply offended by this question, because, in his opinion, I HAD to know not only his nationality, but also who he was. My ignorance was beyond him... It turned out that he was an eccentric Belgian, who used to live in England and had a big mustache and a "mysterious" career.
Who is this strange stranger?
    Hercule Poirot
    Dick Tracy
    Sherlock Holmes
    Inspector Clouseau

2. This depressed teenager was sleeping in the ground when I found him. He had a packsack beside him. I woke him up and asked him who he was and where he was going. "That's a complicated question" he replied. "You know, they say that I'm a modern Huckleberry Finn. But what do I know? I mean, I read a lot but I'm quite illiterate. I had a difficult childhood... But who didn't, right? I'm going to the West, but I don't care whether I will make it or not".
Well, he "catched" my attention, but do you remember his name?
    Oliver Twist
    Holden Caulfield
    Harry Potter
    Neil Holgerson

3. "What?" this tall, deadly serious, blue eyed man said to me. "You don't know me? How is it possible? My creator is one of the best selling living authors of your world. Ka, destiny if you like, ordered me to save the Mid-World by finding the one and only connection of the parallel universes". "I don't believe in destiny or parallel universes, Mr. Whatsyournameagain", I replied, only to hear him speak with his deep voice again: "Have you forgotten the face of your father, sai?"
Do you remember this hero's name?
    Roland Deschain
    Jack Sparrow
    Elric of Melnibone
    King Theoden

4. This beautiful woman I met next, seemed so young, yet thousands of years old. She had a vision, she told me, about the fate of all the citizens of Charactersland, but she wouldn't tell to anybody. I asked her why. "You mean you haven't heard of me? I'm the princess with the charisma of prophecy, and a curse which causes everybody to ignore my predictions. I'm all alone. I lost everything" she replied. "Nonsense" I told her "I don't believe you". She seemed desperate.
What's the name of this tragic princess?

5. One of the most respected citizens of Charactersland was this sweet pregnant woman, who was always singing a lullaby to the baby inside her. Or so I thought. As I realized later, the other characters weren't respectful at all. They were just trying to avoid getting in trouble with her... It seemed that this innocent girl frightened them! "It's not her that scares us" one of them whispered in my ear, looking behind his shoulder at the same time, "It's the baby!"
Do you know the mother's name?
    Rosemary Woodpecker
    Rosemary Woodhouse
    Rosemary Blacksmith
    Rosemary Bright

6. "Hey what's the problem?" I asked this royally dressed man who was holding a skull and seemed deeply troubled. "Well" he said "even here I can't find the answer to life's most important question. Is it better to be or not to be after all?". "Well, that's easy. To be, of course" I said. "But I have a more difficult question for you sir. Who are you?"
Do you know?
    King Lear
    Julius Caesar

7. Later, I found out that even in this unusual country people were celebrating Christmas. I noticed that one particular Victorian residence was the only not decorated house in the area. "That's because the old man who lives there isn't celebrating Christmas" one of the characters said to me. "In fact" he continued "I wouldn't recommend you to stay here after the sunset. I've heard that a few creepy spirits will visit him this night. This could probably change his mind about people, Christmas and himself".
Do you remember the name of that miserable and grouchy old man?
    Mr. Fezziwig
    Scrooge McDuck
    Ebenezer Scrooge
    David Copperfield

8. Even Charactersland's society wasn't ready for this woman. She seemed brokenhearted, lost and hopeless, and yet flirtatious, with a strange smile on her face. "People say that I'm completely mad" she said "because I trust them. I even trust strangers. That's funny, because after the boy's death, I'm sick. And my own brother-in-law wasn't someone I could trust after all".
Do you recognize this tragic heroine?
    Blanche Dubois
    Scarlet O' Hara
    Stella Kowalski
    Catherine Holly

9. "Hey" I said to the last person I met, "where is Harry Potter? I know this one, he was also in some movies, but I haven't seen him yet". I understood that he was annoyed by the angry look on his face, when he talked to me back. "Why do you need to see him? I'm so much better than him and a non-Muggle of course". I thought he could be one of Harry's schoolmates, jealous of his talents and fame. He was just a tall and pale teenager, but seemed quite evil to me, so I left him and walked my way out of Charactersland.
Do you remember what he's called?
    Lucius Malfoy
    Draco Malfoy
    Cedric Diggory
    Rubeus Hagrid

10. I woke up in my bed. I realised that I was just dreaming. I was still in Athens, the capital city of Greece where I was born and raised. And... hey, I enjoy reading literature, and some of the characters mentioned above are favorites of mine. I realised what caused me to dream about them. Beside me there was this futuristic novel I was currently reading, by a very talented young Greek author called Nikos Vlandis. The book's title is "Writersland". It's a story about a strange island of the 22nd century, populated by copyists who rewrite classic works, and call themselves after the original novelists. One of the citizens causes trouble in the peaceful island. The name he goes by is the name of the Pulitzer winning novelist who once wrote "The Virgin Suicides" and "Middlesex". I assume that most of you haven't read "Writersland", as its available only in the Greek language, but can you "guess" the character's name?
    Arthur Conan Doyle
    Ernest Hemingway
    Jeffrey Eugenides
    Alexandre Dumas

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