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Larsen, Wells, Cone: Perfect!

Created by yankeefan2851

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Larsen Wells Cone Perfect game quiz
"These three Yankees pitchers, all reached baseball immortality by pitching perfect games. Hope you enjoy my quiz!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What is the correct chronological order of the perfect games?
    Larsen, Cone, Wells
    Larsen, Wells, Cone
    Cone, Larsen, Wells
    Wells, Cone, Larsen

2. Who was the first team to have 3 perfect games in their history?
    Chicago Cubs
    Cleveland Indians
    Boston Red Sox
    New York Yankees

3. To pitch a perfect game, almost all would agree you have to be mature as a pitcher. One thing that increases maturity as a pitcher is age. Which of the following was the oldest when pitching his perfect game?
    David Cone
    Don Larsen
    David Wells
    Kenny Rogers

4. How many pitches did David Cone need to complete his perfect game?

5. A pitcher will never forget the team he pitched a perfect game against. Which Yankees pitcher will never forget the Minnesota Twins?
    David Wells
    Don Larsen
    David Cone
    Catfish Hunter

6. A good catcher is critical to any game, especially a perfect one. Which battery is not paired correctly?
    David Wells - Joe Girardi
    Don Larsen - Yogi Berra
    David Wells - Jorge Posada
    David Cone - Joe Girardi

7. Who was the first pitcher to have a perfect game in the World Series?
    David Wells
    Cy Young
    David Cone
    Don Larsen

8. A high school is often proud of a Major League player, and especially one that pitches a perfect game. Which high school honors two Yankee perfect game pitchers?
    Columbia in East Greenbush
    Point Loma in San Diego
    Westminster Christian in Miami
    Kalamazoo Central in Kalamazoo

9. What pitcher pitched a perfect game against a Canadian-based team?
    David Wells
    David Cone
    Don Larsen
    Kenny Rogers

10. A special promotion always gets people to a ballpark. As many fans hoped to walk away with a beanie baby, they walked away with much more. Who had a perfect game on Beanie baby day?
    Randy Johnson
    David Cone
    David Wells
    Don Larsen

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Compiled Jun 28 12