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All About the Bengals

Created by jaknginger

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Cincinnati Bengals
All About the Bengals game quiz
"Although the Bengals are the Cleveland Browns' state rival, I like them, just a little of course! Hope you learn a tidbit or two about them. Enjoy!"

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1. What was the first season of the Cincinnati Bengals as a professional team?

2. Who was the original owner/head coach of the Bengals?
    Dave Shula
    Art Modell
    Paul Brown
    Dick LeBeau

3. What was the name of the stadium the Bengals shared with the Reds for three decades?
    Paul Brown Stadium
    Riverfront Stadium
    Nippert Stadium
    Three Rivers Stadium

4. What new stadium did the Bengals call home in 2000?
    Great American Ball Park
    Crosley Field
    Bengals Stadium
    Paul Brown Stadium

5. What are the main colors of the Bengals?
    Orange and Brown
    Orange and Blue
    Orange and Black
    Orange and Yellow

6. What was the name of the celebratory dance that started during the Bengals run to the Super Bowl in the 1988 season?
    Boomer Banzai
    Brown Shuffle
    Collinsworth Cadence
    Ickey Shuffle

7. What Bengals coach first made the no-huddle offense a standard for his team?
    Sam Wyche
    Dave Shula
    Marvin Lewis
    Paul Brown

8. Who was the first Bengals player to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame?
    Boomer Esiason
    Ken Anderson
    Cris Collinsworth
    Anthony Munoz

9. What opponent did the Bengals face twice in a Super Bowl?
    Oakland Raiders
    San Francisco 49ers
    New England Patriots
    Green Bay Packers

10. Which Bengal was the 1988 NFL MVP?
    Ickey Woods
    Ken Anderson
    Anthony Munoz
    Boomer Esiason

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