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Episode 8: "Double Jeopardy"

Created by qrayx

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Episode 8 Double Jeopardy game quiz
"In this episode, Rattrap's loyalty is brought into question, and is sent on a scouting mission deep inside Predacon territory to prove he is truly a Maximal... Or is he?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Another stasis pod had crashed on Earth, and Optimus and Dinobot were sent out to find it. However, during their search, the Predacons ambushed the Maximals and took the pod for themselves. Who was not part of the Predacon recovery party?

2. Who was the new Predacon that emerged from the pod?

3. It turns out that Rattrap had planned the last three missions, and that for all three, the Predacons knew exactly where the Maximals were going to be. Rattrap's loyalty to the Maximal's was brought into question during the debriefing. To prove his allegiance was to the Maximals, he was ordered to search for Energon in Sector 12, the lava pit. Just as Rattrap was finishing up his rounds, however, he was attacked. Who ambushed the rat and took him prisoner?

4. Later, Terrorsaur made a grab for the title of leader of the Predacons, and succeded. He had Megatron thrown in a holding cell to keep him out of the way. How did Megatron escape his prison cell?
    He used his weight to break the cell
    He didn't escape
    He used a special voice command
    He used a lockpick

5. Once Rattrap was inside the base, and free of his cell, he had no idea where to go. How did he decide which direction to take?
    He went away from the Predacon voices
    He followed a rat
    He found a map to locate his destination
    He went towards the large security doors

6. It turned out that it wasn't Rattrap who was responsible for leaking information to the Predacons after all. How were the Predacons able to spy on the Maximals?
    They had micro cameras in the Axalon
    Scorponok had bugged Optimus Primal
    It was Dinobot who was feeding them information
    They had a Maximal decoder

7. While wandering the Predacon base, Rattrap accidentally activated a booby trap. Whose trap was this?

8. Soon after Rattrap had discovered the Predacons' ability to spy on the Maximals, the Maximals attacked the Predacon base. Rattrap, as a new Predacon, was ordered to help defend the base to prove his loyalty. One of his first orders was to shoot down Optimus Primal. Did he actually shot Optimus?
    Yes, but it was an underpowered shot that did no real damage
    No, Optimus was too fast and Rattrap couldn't hit him
    No, he refused to fire upon his true leader
    Yes, with a full blast that knocked Optimus from the sky

9. Dinobot made a run at Rattrap, but Megatron managed to catch him, and ordered Rattrap to shoot the traitor. Terrorsaur then joined the party, and ordered Rattrap, as the current leader of the Predacons, to shoot Dinobot. What did Rattrap do?
    He shot Terrorsaur
    He shot Dinobot
    He shot Megatron
    He shot a rock to make it fall on Terrorsaur and Megatron

10. It turned out that the plan was to let Rattrap get captured so he could infiltrate the Predacon base and discover the secret behind their espionage abilities. Who was in on the plan, apart from Rattrap?
    Dinobot and Rhinox
    Dinobot and Optimus

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