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Spellbound by "The Sound of Music"

Created by emli

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Spellbound by The Sound of Music game quiz
"I was nuts about "The Sound of Music" movie, growing up. Now I am grown up, I'm still nuts about it, plus I love spelling. This is a spelling bee for "Sound of Music" lovers!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. I love "The Sound of Music" movie. As a kid, I wanted to live in the Trapp family villa. But as they were actually three different 'houses' that would have been ________.

2. I was a teenager before I learned that the opening scene that swoops down on Julie Andrews in the meadow was filmed from a helicopter. But apparently they often had to wait to see __________ the __________ would let them keep filming.
    whether, weather
    weather, whether
    wither, wether
    whether, wither

3. Did you know that the entrance to the abbey was in Salzburg, but the __________ they hid in near the end of the movie was a Hollywood set?

4. Charmian Carr (Liesl) sprained her ankle during the filming of "Sixteen Going on Seventeen". If you look closely at that scene, you may be able to make out a _____________ wrapped round one of her ankles.

5. I grew my hair long. I wanted to look like Brigitta! But the ___________________ of it looking exactly like hers was not very high, as my hair was ____________________ thicker than hers.
    likelyhood, abundantly
    likelihood, abundantly
    likelihood, abundently
    likelehood, abundantly

6. My first time in "The Sound of Music", I had the ___________________ of playing a nun in a local production of it. It was a four night season. The experience was _______________.
    privilege, exhilerating
    privilege, exhilarating
    privelege, exhilerating
    privalege, exhilarating

7. I used to practice (American spelling) songs from "The Sound of Music" everyday. My sisters used to ______________ me to keep __________!
    harrass, quiet
    harass, quiet
    harass, kwiet
    harrass, quite

8. In my public ____________ I'd search each week for anything at all on "The Sound of Music". I was so ____________________ they had lots of books and CDs of it.
    library, greatful
    libary, grateful
    library, grateful

9. I so wanted to play Brigitta in a production of "The Sound of Music", any production! But I was starting to get on in life. It was time to _______________ fantasy from reality. I was getting ______ old!
    separate, too
    separite, too
    seperate, too
    seperate, to

10. Finally, I got to play Liesl! I was twenty-five! My __________________ had paid off, I still had a modicum of _____________, and my singing voice was improving all the time.
    perseverence, rhthym
    perseverance, rhythm
    persevarance, rhythmn
    perseverrence, rhythm

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Compiled Jun 28 12