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We Come for Benjamin Linus

Created by Matthew_07

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We Come for Benjamin Linus game quiz
"Five new characters landed on the island, but their mission was to save Benjamin Linus. This quiz covers these five characters: Naomi Dorrit, Frank Lapidus, Daniel Faraday, Miles Straume and Charlotte Lewis."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In a secret meeting, Naomi Dorrit met Matthew Abaddon and she was given the order to lead a team to the island. She did not want to accept the mission at first. Why was that so? Because all four other team members ____________.
    Were dangerous fugitives
    Had no military experience
    Did not know her well
    Knew nothing about the Dharma Initiative

2. Naomi's parachute was stuck on a tree after she jumped from the helicopter. Desmond, Jin, Hurley and Charlie helped get her down. A tree branch punctured her lung and she could barely breathe. Who saved her?

3. Frank Lapidus was the original pilot for Oceanic Flight 815, but he was replaced by Captain Seth Norris. Whom did he recognize was not a passenger on the airplane?
    Penelope Widmore
    Danielle Rousseau
    Juliet Burke
    Desmond Hume

4. Frank managed to land the helicopter safely on the island. However, he was injured. What animal did he see after he climbed up a hill?
    A horse
    A panda
    A polar bear
    A cow

5. Daniel Faraday was a physicist. He was also a professor at which university in the United Kingdom?

6. Daniel shut down the gas station operating system before Benjamin could use it against the other people on the island. Where was the gas station?
    The Looking Glass
    The Orchid
    The Hydra
    The Tempest

7. Charlotte Lewis was a cultural anthropologist. She was thrilled to find a polar bear's fossil in Tunisian desert. Which Dharma station's logo was visible on the polar bear's collar?
    The Swam
    The Hydra
    The Arrow
    The Staff

8. Which other language did Charlotte speak?

9. Miles Straume was a spiritualist or a ghost buster. Whose bodies did he find in the jungle?
    Danielle and Alex
    Danielle, Karl and Alex
    Karl and Alex
    Danielle and Karl

10. After Miles called Hurley "Tubby", Hurley said the island had sent them another ___.

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