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Baseball: This and That

Created by Nightmare

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Baseball This and That game quiz
"All multiple choice for your pleasure to identify some things in Major League Baseball. I hope that you enjoy it. :-)"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Which player was known for the "Pine Tar Incident" in 1983?
    Willie Mays
    George Brett
    Hank Aaron
    Rawly Eastwick

2. Which slugger hit his 500th career home run in 2008?
    Manny Ramirez
    Eddie Murray
    Ernie Banks
    Eddie Mathews

3. Which Major League umpire died of a heart attack on opening day in 1996?
    Tito Santana
    Bruno Samartino
    John Studd
    John McSherry

4. Which Baltimore Oriole Cy Young winner was nicknamed "Cakes"?
    Mike Flanagan
    Steve Stone
    Jim Palmer
    Dave McNally

5. Which pitcher in 2008 threw his 3000th career strikeout?
    Todd Worrell
    Tom Candiotti
    John Smoltz
    Jack McDowell

6. The Outstanding Designated Hitter Award began in 1973 with the former San Francisco Giant Orlando Cepeda winning it for the Boston Red Sox. Who was the first player to win this award twice?
    Dick Groat
    Willie Horton
    Rocky Colavito
    Roger Maris

7. The Major League World Series began in 1903. In 100 seasons of World Series action, only one decade did not see a skunking, a team to lose the World Series without winning a game or even a tie. Which decade was it?

8. Which was the first World Series to go into extra innings, and result in a walk-off win?

9. How many of the 30 Major League teams in 2008 began the season with a new manager?

10. Which pitcher lost the first Major League World Series game in history?
    Don Blasingame
    Cy Young
    Johnny Podres
    Wes Covington

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Compiled Jun 28 12