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National Football League for Dummies!

Created by Nightmare

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National Football League for Dummies game quiz
"All multiple choice for the dummies like me who just like the game. I hope that you enjoy it. :-)"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Which team went a perfect 16-0 in the 2007 regular season?
    Cincinnati Bengals
    St. Louis Rams
    Detroit Lions
    New England Patriots

2. Two great San Francisco 49er quarterbacks were Steve Young and Joe Montana. Young played his entire career with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and 49ers. Montana played for the 49ers, then retired which other team?
    Cleveland Browns
    Atlanta Falcons
    Pittsburgh Steelers
    Kansas City Chiefs

3. Which number did the great Miami Dolphin Dan Marino wear?

4. The Cardinals franchise began as the Chicago Cardinals in the APFA in 1920. The franchise moved in 1960 to St. Louis and became the St. Louis Cardinals. In which year did the franchise move to Arizona?

5. Head coach Vince "What the Hell is going on around here" Lombardi saw 10 NFL seasons. With which team did he win three NFL Championships and two Super Bowls?
    Chicago Bears
    Canton Bulldogs
    Baltimore Colts
    Green Bay Packers

6. The great running back Jim Brown played in only nine seasons in his NFL career. Which team did he play with?
    New York Giants
    Cleveland Browns
    Los Angeles Rams
    Philadelphia Steagles

7. The Tennessee Titans had a great start in the 2008 season, winning their first 10 games before taking a loss to the Jets. Under which team name did they begin their franchise with in the AFL in 1960?
    Houston Colt .45s
    Detroit Pistons
    Chicago Drillers
    Houston Oilers

8. In 1994, Minnesota Vikings Cris Carter set a new season record of catching 122 passes in the season. In 1995, that 122 record was tied by Jerry Rice of the 49ers, and again by Cris Carter. However, which receiver out-did them both by having one more reception in 1995, and setting a new record of 123?
    Herman Moore
    Rafael Septien
    Don Cockroft
    Matt Stover

9. Which quarterback set a new record in 2007, throwing 440 completions in the season?
    Jake Plummer
    Warren Moon
    Steve Bono
    Drew Brees

10. Which team finished the 2007 season with the worst record?
    Seattle Seahawks
    Tennessee Titans
    Miami Dolphins
    Cleveland Browns

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