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"Mario Party DS" Games Part 3

Created by salami_swami

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Mario Party DS Games Part 3 game quiz
"Welcome to the third edition of my "Mario Party DS" games! Enjoy!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In what game must you slide your stylus up to gain speed so you jump the farthest when you exit the ramp?
    Big Blowout
    Shortcut Circuit
    Rail Riders

2. In which game must you blow out a bomb?
    Short Fuse
    Gusty Blizzard
    Bob-ombs Away!
    Big Blowout

3. Which of these games involves avoiding hitting Toadette?
    Pedal Pushers
    Hot Shots
    Shortcut Circuit
    Big Blowout

4. In which game do you hold onto a rope and try to fall on items like a pop can and a tool box?
    Trash Landing
    Crater Crawl
    Boogie Beam
    Toppling Terror

5. In which game are you not able to jump over burgers, but can jump over pancakes?
    Penny Pinchers
    Globe Gunners
    Cheep Chump
    Fast Food Frenzy

6. What game could also rightfully be called "Ice Breaker?"
    Soap Surfers
    Cold Smash
    Cube Crushers
    Gusty Blizzard

7. In what game must you and your partner trace a goomba, wiggler, boo, and other characters to the best of your abilities?
    Double Vision
    Track Star
    Trace Cadets
    Crazy Crosshairs

8. Which game involves good memory?
    Memory Mash
    Concentration Concerto
    Concentration Camp
    Memory Memoirs

9. In which of these do you twirl fruit around?

10. Which of these is a microphone game?
    Cheep Chump
    Shorty Scorers
    Boogie Beam
    Toppling Terror

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Compiled Jun 28 12